Top 5 WWE Heels of 2015

What is a babyface without a heel? People often forget the importance of a good heel. When booked right, a heel can make us feel so many emotions (anger, sadness, fear). In my humble opinion, they're more important than babyfaces. A good heel can put a mediocre babyface over, but it's harder for a babyface to put over an unexciting heel. That's why I decided to celebrate the five biggest, baddest bad guys WWE currently has on its roster. Even if guys like Bo Dallas and Heath Slater could also be here, it's my top 5 damn it! So...should we get going? Yes, we should!

Honorable Mention: Stardust

I believe Stardust has everything needed to be a top heel. He's great in the ring, he has a super weird character, and he's fantastic with the mic (only beaten by one guy on this list). All he needs is the machine to get behind him. If he got a big heel push, I could easily see him headlining PPV's. Maybe 2016 will be the year of The Prince of Dark Matter.

5. Rusev

Back when he first debuted (Royal Rumble 2014), I knew Rusev would be successful. Big, yet athletic, he quickly became one of the best heavyweight on the roster. The kid can go. And thanks to Lana, he was the best heel for a while. Sadly, he's fallen down quite a bit. He's still performing at a high level, but bad booking (love triangle with Ziggler) and multiple injuries (including one that happened this week) keep him from being higher on the list. Still, RUSEV CRUSH!

4. Seth Rollins

This guys is the complete package. Looks, talent, charisma. You name it, Seth Rollins is probably great at it. Ever since he left the Shield, he started a slow (yet massive) heel push. Even if he was poorly booked at times, he was successfully established as a coward, sneaky heel. One that people truly dislike. Funny thing? Once he turns babyface, I'm positive he'll become one of the best acts WWE has to offer.

3. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is an exceptional superstar. He might not be the greatest wrestler, but he has something just as important: character. His gimmick is so good and he is (in my opinion) the best promo cutter in the business right now. Add to that his charisma and his great entrance, and you have the most interesting character I've seen in a couple of years. When Bray Wyatt is in the ring you don't see a wrestler playing bad guy, you see Bray Wyatt being himself. It finally looks like he's being handled as the monster he is, and I couldn't be happier. I see a lot of potential in this man.

2. New Day

These kids are the most entertaining part of WWE right now. Their chemistry is simply amazing, and they're so damn funny. The promos are hilarious, and they bring that same energy into the ring. WWE clearly believes in them. They ended up defeating the Dudley Boyz. The sky is the limit for this stable, and I truly believe they will only get bigger. If you don't think the New Day deserves to be on this list, YOU'RE BOOTY!

1. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is the perfect heel. He can be annoying, rude and a massive coward. Yet, when he steps in the ring, you genuinely see him as a badass that can beat your ass. Luckily, it seems like WWE actually knows what they have in their hands, so Owens is getting the love he deserves. I expect this guy to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship within two years. He is simply the best heel WWE has right now.

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