Safe Space Review - South Park S19 E05

I absolutely loved last week's episode. It was dark, funny, interesting and important. While this season has had some great episodes, there are 1 or 2 'okay' episodes. While I still don't know how good the season will be when it's all said and done, this week's episode was great. Safe Space is classic South Park, meaning it's freaking awesome!

So what's the episode all about? Shaming. People are tired of being victims of insults because of their physical appearance or the decisions they make. Therefore, the entire town decides to kill reality (literally) and live in a world where negative opinions don't exist. Which is somewhat realistic. You really can't have a negative opinion in 2015. People will literally tear your ass up. Viciously (anyone caught that reference? No? Okay..).

Back to the episode, it was great! Again, continuity is still here. Even if it didn't have as big of an impact, decisions made in previous episodes still affected this episode. Whole Foods is still there, and the PC principal is still in charge. Also, we're starting to get some running gags. Like the PC principal telling Leslie to 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' (which she should. Girl is always talking). Anyways, I'm loving it. As I've said before, this actually feels like you're watching a constructed season, and not just random episodes.

This was one of those episodes full of guests. Demi Lovato was talking about body shaming, Vin Diesel cried when a cashier called him a pig, and my favorite, fat Steven Seagal danced and wept all throughout the episode. I always enjoy famous people visiting South Park, and this episode was not the exception. Their broadway song was pretty damn funny.

There were two main storylines (that eventually merged). The first one, was about Randy not wanting to donate to Whole Foods' charity. This was so damn funny. I'm assuming you watched the episode if you're reading this, so I won't explain everything. Basically, a cashier really wants Randy to donate a dollar to feed the hungry kids in Africa (or send hamsters to College. Again, literally). And when Mr. Marsh refuses, this annoying ass cashier makes him looks stupid in front of the entire store. This storyline wasn't particularly clever or innovative, but it was hilarious. I swear whenever Randy gets a story to himself, he gives us nothing but gold. Who can forget him jerking off when the Internet was down? I really hope by the end of the season, he goes insane and burns the Whole Foods down to the ground (or the annoying cashier. Or Leslie...she really should shut her mouth. Maybe all of them?).

The other storyline was alright, but it could have been better. In this one, Cartman and a bunch of celebrities are tired of being body shamed. And so, they hire a poor bastard (Butters) to go through their social media accounts and delete all the negative comments, leaving only the good stuff. Eventually their egos get super big, and Cartman even uploads a dick pic. Oh yeah, Butters is so tired of reading mean comments that he almost kills himself. Anyways, this wasn't that bad, but I really was 10 times more interested in seeing what Randy was doing.

The Good
- Donations Storyline
- Continuity
- Broadway Song
- Fat Steven Seagal

The Not So Good
- 'Okay' Fat Shaming Storyline 
Score: 8/10


  1. The poll says: "89% Great!, 6% Okay, and 6% Bad!." That's 101%.

    1. Can't argue with math lol. Who knows why it's giving 101%. Maybe a Zoey 101 teaser? Probably not.

  2. It will be because it's rounding decimals up or down but then displaying without the decimals. Eg: 89%, 5.5% & 5.5% rounding to 96, 6 & 6. Simple maths.