Numb by Mark Battles Album Review (All Tracks + Score)

I'm a big Mark Battles supporter. I mean, talk about the grind! Guys has released 11 mixtapes in 4 years! He is also a great rapper. He spits dope lines over nice beats, and I like his voice tone. After waiting for a while, we're finally getting his debut album. I wanted the same level of dopeness, except on a bigger, more epic level. And that's what I got. Mark Battles, except bigger and better.

1. Thanks In Advance
Super nice intro. Appreciate that Mark starts the album off by thanking every fan or potential listener that's giving him a chance. He definitely delivers. The beat is simple, but super soulful. I love the trumpets it has. Mark stays in the pocket and spits honest lines with a nice flows. You really feel like he's talking to you from his heart. Great start to the album.

2. Grow
Dope track! The piano in this song is so good. This is one of those beats that leave you empty. Dark and atmospheric. Mark fits the track perfectly and spits some fantastic verses, with lines like: "All these rappers actors, no more Grammys here's an Emmy". No real hook, just bars and flows.

3. The Way We Do (feat. Derek Luh)
Chill song. The beat is laid back, but it still feels like a celebration. This an awesome BBQ track. Mark had a pretty nice verse, and I thought Derek absolutely destroyed the hook. He sounded great. I did expect more from his verse. It wasn't horrible, but it was just okay. Still, a pretty good song.

4. Chicken
I see what Mark was going for in this song, but it didn't reach the level of dopeness it could have had. I see this as that creepy, dark and dope song. Mark certainly brings a dark flow with some insane bars. There's this Kylie Jenner line that I won't spoil but let's just say: FIRE BRUH. My problem with the song was the beat. It's not bad or anything. But if the song had a more grimy, in-your face beat, the whole song would be more effective. It's still pretty good.

5. Throw It Up/50 Acres
Thing about this song: I didn't really care about Throw It Up, I adored 50 Acres. The first half just didn't grab me (Throw It Up). The beat was repetitive and slow and Mark's delivery was off. Also, I didn't like the hook. So I was not really enjoying the song until 50 Acres came on. It's one of my favorite moments in the album. The instrumentation becomes unique and psychotic, with a west coast feel. Mark spits some chill lines with a real cool flow. So while I love this last half, the first half keeps it from being great.

6. Sleep (feat. King Kap & Zack Davidson)
Oh my God! Fantastic track! Mark, Kap and Davidson do a great job, opening up and telling us about their problems and obstacles. The song works so well because of the beat. It's jazzy, soulful and beautiful. At the end, we get a beat change and Mark delivers some spoken word. While this spoken word was good, I wish he would have done another verse over the second beat. Still, love this one!

7. Pressure
Good song. While the beat is repetitive, it still slaps! Mark comes through with dope ass lines, shouting out Logic and Chance the Rapper. Hope they collab. My only complaint is that I felt the second verse lacked charisma and emotion, so the song lost pace. Unlike the rest of the songs, this one felt like a mixtape track. Still, not mad at this one.

8. Savior/Now You Know
Another split song. This one is a bit too long for me though. I mean, 8 minutes is a lot. And while the first beat is really good, it's bound to get repetitive after 5 minutes. Still, the star of the song is Mark. In savior, he admits he wants to save hip hop, and the culture. And with Now You Know, he talks about the pain and difficulties of growing up in a hard environment. I loved this half of the song. The beat was poetic and Myah comes through with some beautiful vocals. Everything is delivered with nice lines and good flows.

9. Need Your Love
Good stuff. While the beat is a bit simple, it has a grimy vibe. Mark spits some thought provoking lines with his usual flow. I caught some wrestling references, which I loved. And while the hook is tight, I don't know why nobody on Mark's crew told him that the vocals on the "LOVE" chants sound pretty bad. The song is pretty sweet though.

10. Going (feat. King Los)
DAMN! This bangs! The beat is energetic and dope. Mark comes through with a killer verse, but Los completely snapped. Crazy lines with a bunch of different flows. I loved when this two collab. Their last effort (King) was an amazing track, and this one is excellent as well.

11. Just Life
The romantic track. I like it. While some people might find  the beat to be annoying, I enjoyed it. And Mark talks about fixing things with a girl after hitting it on the first night. Nothing spectacular about this one, just an extra chill song that I can get down to at any moment.

12. Numb To It
Wonderful song! Mark starts by saying: I guess it's time... And proceeds to deliver verses full of honesty, emotion and raw passion. He perfectly paints a picture of chaos and exasperation. The beat is dark, slow and depressive. It fits the song perfectly. I really wish he would have given us a last verse. The only thing I didn't love is the hook. It lacked emotion, and I wasn't too impressed with the vocals. Still, really dope track.

13. Reasons
Nice outro. It gets the job done. Mark gets on a sweet, soulful beat, to show off his skills. He spits nice lines with a chill, laid back flow. There's nothing I love more than a dope outro.

Verdict: Mark Battles doesn't disappoint with his debut. He keeps it 100%, spitting dope verses over soulful, bouncy beats. If you're a Battles fan, you'll love this one. And if you've never heard of him, give him a chance. He might become one of your favorites.

Favorite Tracks
- Sleep
- Going
- Numb To It
- 50 Acres

Least Favorite Tracks
- Pressure
- Throw It Up

I give 'Numb' 7.5 chanclas out of 10

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