Logic - Like Woah Song Review

I'm a big Logic fan. I got into him about 4 years ago, and I knew he was going to be big. Great lyrical abilities, dope flows and smooth beats. In my opinion, his debut album Under Pressure was criminally underrated. But it is what it is. Now, Logic is getting set to release his sophomore, The Incredible True Story (T.I.T.S. lololol), and he released a new single titled Like Woah. This is the type of song that has me begging for the album to drop.

The Good
- 6ix made a beautiful, super smooth beat
- Logic brings charisma
- Flows for days
- Heavenly beat change
- Logic does his sing-rap thing, and kills it

The Bad
- No specific lyrical topic. Just flexing (not really bad)
Score: 4/5


  1. This is so fucking lit. #TheIncredibleTrueStory

  2. November 13th will be the best day of my life

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