John Cena Leaving WWE?

A couple of days ago, the Wrestling Observer leaked a report, one that stated that John Cena is planning to take some off. It appears to be true. Cena is not booked for any WWE events after Hell in a Cell (Oct. 25th). And according to the report, he'll be gone from five to eight weeks, meaning that he won't be coming back till after Christmas.

Thing is, no reason was given. He's not leaving because of injuries, and Nikki Bella is booked for multiple tours, so they're not getting married. So everyone thinks Cena just needs a break. Which he probably does. After all he has done, he must feel dead.

He's had a rough year. He's been out of the main event picture for a minute, he suffered a broken nose, a bad botch and he will not get his 16th WWE Championship reign until next year. He's been the company's star for the past 12 years. If he wants to wrestle for years to come, he might have to slow down sooner rather than later.

That's in the future though. For now, he's only gone for 2 months. While writing this article, I picture Vince or HHH reading it, and I wanted to let them know that while there are some cons, I truly believe Cena's break will ultimately help WWE

The Bad

So you know how stories came out saying Vince was freaking out because ratings were super low? Well... they might get worse. I understand the importance of ratings, but they must have known they were going to lose some points as soon as Monday Night Football started. Anyways, I would keep watching RAW even if Rusev took a shit on a baby. But some people might skip episodes as soon as they find out their beloved Cena is gone for some weeks.

This one is happening for sure. Cena's merch sells like hot cakes. And while his shirts will still sell, his absence will definitely cause the overall income to decrease. Now, hopefully this means people will buy other superstar's merchandise. But again, some people might simply not buy merch as soon as they find out the champ is not here.

US Title Might Lose Momentum
This one could happen, depending on how booking handles Cena's break. If matches and storylines are not good, everything Cena has done to elevate the title could just disappear. Nobody can argue that Cena has been a pretty good champion, making the US title relevant again. WWE must treat the title like a real prize, or the belt will lose momentum.

The Good

Chance For Other Stars to Step Up
While Cena is gone, somebody has to keep the title warm. Based on Raw's last episode, it seems like Ziggler will be the champ for at least a couple of weeks. I think it's a fantastic decision. With his new attire and finisher, Ziggler feels like a new star. He never got his chance to shine. After winning the World Heavyweight Championship, he got a concussion ans was stripped from the title. So I'll be happy to see him with a big belt. Even if it wasn't him, other guys like Dean Ambrose or Neville could get a chance.

We Get to See What Cena-Less WWE Looks Like
Let's face it: while Cena still looks like a God, he's 38. In a couple of years, he will stop wrestling every single night. Look at guys like Triple H or The Rock. They can come back and deliver big matches. But their bodies probably couldn't take wrestling on daily basis. Cena has been doing it for 12 years. A break is good for him. And WWE can get an idea of what they'll be working with once he becomes a part-timer.

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