Jabra Move Wireless - Headphones Review

There's something about wireless headphones that I've always loved. Every time my normal headphones get pulled away from my ears because the cord got stuck in a drawer, I feel like blowing my brains out. That's why I was so excited to try the Jabra Move Wireless. And they did not disappoint: these headphones are some of the most versatile and enjoyable sets you'll find under $150.


This is the most important aspect. After all, I'd have no problem using the ugliest headphones as long as I was happy with the sound. And to be honest, these headphone are pretty good at handling sound. They're not out of this world , but they nicely get the job done. The first thing I notice is how clean the music sounded. Vocals, instruments and treble sound crisp. I do think bass could be handled better. It's not really bad, but I wish I had more bass when playing my rap songs. And if you're into podcasts, you won't be disappointed. Overall, the Move Wireless sound pretty good. Especially considering the price.


The design in these headphones is definitely their biggest asset. Jabra did a great job creating a beautiful and versatile set. First off, they work great. Pairing my phone was quick and easy. And after the first time, they would automatically connect to each other if they were both available. It made me save time, and I appreciated it.

Battery is also pretty good. I got between 7-8 hours per use, which in my opinion, was more than enough. When I eventually was running out of juice, I was more than happy to know I could change them with any USB cable.

Also, these headphones are super comfortable. Just putting them on your ears feels natural nice. However, Jabra added a bunch of small details that make a big difference on the overall product. An adjustable headband, a cord in case you want to use your headphones on your computer, buttons to pause and control the volume without having to reach for your phone every time. All these small details really made me feel like a satisfied costumer. You can tell they care about the presentation.

Verdict: The Jabra Move are simply the best pair of wireless headphones you'll find under $150. Even if I think sound could be a bit better, the presentation, ease of use and comfort make these bad boys a must buy.

The Good
- Beautiful, Versatile Design
- No Cords
- Good Battery Life
- Clean Sound

The Bad
- Bass Could Be Better
Score: 4.25/5

Want to buy a pair? Go get them from Amazon!


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