Is Star Wars: Battlefront Worth $60? - Beta Review

I have been waiting for the Star Wars: Battlefront beta for a while. I really thought this was going to be an excellent Star Wars game. Everything single detail got me more excited. DICE is making it, and they're pretty good at making multiplayer games. Plus, they're working alongside Disney to make the game as authentic as possible. After playing the beta for 4 days straight, I can tell you that while it's not perfect, I can't wait to play the final game (with a November 27, 2015 release date) Again, remember my judgement is purely based on the beta, plus the trailers and gameplay that has been shown so far. Meaning that my opinions could change for the better (or the worse) once the game comes out. With that being said, let's talk about Star Wars: Battlefront!

The Good

First thing I noticed while playing the beta. This game is gorgeous. Best looking FPS I've seen on my PS4 by far. Lightning effects really made my jaw drop. Dirt, snow, the sky and mountains. You name it, it looks beautiful!

This one really impressed me. The atmosphere in this game is simply perfect. It's quite obvious that Dice is collaborating with Disney. Everything looks like it belongs. Weapons, maps like Tatooine or Hoth, character models, starships. This game couldn't feel more authentic.

Simple, but Fun
So yeah.. this game is pretty simple. Not just the beta. Gameplay is pretty straightforward. No killstreaks, all weapons look the same when aiming and no special power-ups. Some people might be turned off by this, and rightfully so. But I think it's different. In a good way. They're taking a different approach, and I don't mind as long as I'm having fun. And believe me, once the game clicks, you'll find this to be quite special.

The Bad

Not Much To It
While I did have a lot of fun playing this, Star Wars: Battlefront should not be a full price game. While they nail visuals and atmosphere, there's not enough content to justify its $60 (or $80 if you're Canadian, Eh) price tag. There's no single player campaign, which is a major bummer. With the engine and the help of Disney, DICE could have delivered an interesting, new story. Also, multiplayer only has three modes. I fear this might be a game like Titanfall or Evolve. People play it for a couple of weeks and get tired of it.  In my opinion, this game should be $40.

Overall, I like the game just fine. I do feel like it could be better, but it's far from mediocre. Hopefully servers will be working from the start. Also, if EA doesn't want this to be another Evolve, they need to find something to keep the player coming. Otherwise, people might get tired after a couple of weeks.


  1. I agree... without a single player campaign, a game is not worth full price. The collector's edition of this game is actually 90 dollars canadian! Total ripoff.

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