General Admission Album Review by MGK (All Tracks + Score)

Weird thing? For a minute, I completely forgot Machine Gun Kelly made music. I still remember playing his debut album Lace Up and enjoying it, even if I wasn't the biggest fan of his rock influenced songs. However, once Lace Up came out, he disappeared. He released a couple of mixtape, but the long awaited sophomore was three years in the making. I don't know what took him so long, but as long as the music is good, I don't really care. I wanted MGK to remind me why I was a fan of him, and that's exactly what he did.

1. Spotlight (feat. Lzzy Hale)
Good intro. Love how simple the instrumentation is. It's just a dark guitar melody that has MGK rapping about how messed up life is, how everyone around him as dying and how the fame can ruin your life. Darkness and depression are all over this one. I love that. I don't really like the hook. The verses are super grimy, but the hook is a bit too poppy for me, with the drums and vocals. Still, MGK killed it.

2. Alpha Omega
This is dope! Again, beat is simple, but it's dark and atmospheric. I also love the energy MGK brings. You can hear the emotion in his vocals. And when you least expect it, the beat switches up and turns into a banger. I forgot MGK could spit that fast. Great song!

3. Till I Die
This bangs! Typical braggadocios track, but MGK kills it! Beat is bass heavy, and the song itself is pretty damn catchy. While I think the production is pretty good, I'm not sure if I like MGK over this beat. It's like his voice tone doesn't match the beat. While the song does bang, it feels a bit ordinary.

4. Eddie Cane
Much better. MGK was born to rap over beats like this one. Melodic, dark and atmospheric. The beat is so dirty. I love it. Lyrically wise, the song could be a bit better. But it didn't upset me that much, because he brought that energy. The song had such good vibes.

5. Bad Mother F*ucker (feat. Kid Rock)
I expected to hate this. I'm not a fan of rock influenced hip hop. But this one's not that bad. I mean, the hook didn't do much for me. But the rock beat blended perfectly with MGK's style. When he was spitting verses, I really felt like a bad mother fucker.

6. World Series
The vocals in this one remind me a great deal of a song in Jay Rock's new album (Telegram). Love how hungry MGK sounds in this one. Energy is there, and the beat bangs. For the second time in the album, we get a beat switch. While the transition was pretty smooth, I felt like the second half of the song wasn't as focused. Not mad at it though. Great stuff.

7. Oz
Okay song. Kelly is killing the album so far. His lyrics are good, but his biggest asset is the emotion and charisma he brings to his songs. In this one, he's just telling us stories using dope flows. The production is not really exciting though. I wouldn't say its bad, it's just average.

8. Everyday
Really like the concept and message of the song. I also love the beat! Super soulful, with some beautiful brass and piano sections. Now, I wasn't a big fan of some of the flows MGK's used in here. It was too slow and stale. Still, I like the song.

9. Gone (feat. Leroy Sanchez)
Man... This is sooo real. MGK opens up and talks about his problems and the relationship with his father. He's honest and recognizes he's far from perfect. Really dope. The beat is also great. Slow, but full of emotion. And don't get me started with the hook. The vocals are beautiful. Great song!

10. Story of the Stairs
I love this song! Let's get the bad out of the way: the rapping is off beat at times, which distracted me at first. But don't get it twisted, this song is amazing! MGK tells us whats going through his mind seconds before seeing his mother for the first time in years. He also talks about how growing up without her screwed him up. He's not trying to be politically correct. He's just opening up, and being 100% honest. While the beat is pretty simple, I get it. The star of the song is MGK.

11. Merry Go Round
Great song! The beat was a bit too soft for me, but the topics being tackled were rough. MGK proves he's a great storyteller! In 4 minutes, he manages to tell an emotional, depressing story that deals with love and drugs. He really impressed me with this one. This is already miles better than Lace Up

12. A Little More (feat. Victoria Monet)
Important song. It has commercial appeal, but the track is far from a sell out. MGK talks about what is wrong with the world, with the help of Victoria Monet. She killed the hook! Her vocals in the song were also pretty sweet. MGK raps some nice verses, making for a great commercial track!

13. All Night Long
Dope outro! We get a super sweet piano beat, and MGK is just having fun spitting bars. Lyric wise, the song is alright. But it’s not about the bars, it’s more about the vibes the song gives. Once it’s over. Kelly finishes the album with some spoken word, and he tells us a pretty interesting story. Overall, sweet way to wrap the album up

VERDICT: Machine Gun Kelly proved he's here to stay. Cohesive, intense and introspective, General Admission is his best project to date.

Favorite Songs
- Story Of The Stairs
- Alpha Omega
- Spotlight
- World Series
- All Night Long

Least Favorite Songs
- Oz

I give General Admission 7.5 chanclas outta 10

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