Evermore: The Art of Duality by The Underarchievers Album Review (All Tracks + Score)

I'm not even gonna lie: I was going to sleep on this album. Heavy. I had never heard from these guys. I knew they were from New York, but I wasn't familiar with their music. However, fans just kept asking me to review this. And hey, the only reason why I started to review music is to try and give dope, less known artists some buzz. I didn't really have any expectations coming into this album, and I'm glad it was that way. I unexpectedly found one of my favorite albums of the year

1. Rain Dance (Phase 1 Intro)
Really dope intro. Atmosphere and beat are crazy. There's a lot of sadness and depression, but there's also a lot of hope. Hearing this song almost feels like meditation. The beat can feel a bit convoluted, but once you get over it, it's mad dope. The real stars here are the members of the group. AK and Issa Gold spit honest, hard verses. And, they're bouncing off each other. Good start!

2. Shine All Gold
Nice song. Loved Issa's verse. He basically described the life of many black teenagers, dealing with school, bad behavior, drugs and more. AK also had a nice verse, but Issa's really left me impressed. Beat is pretty basic, but it's pleasing enough. Again, the song puts me in a dark atmosphere.

3. Chasing Faith
Really like the vibe the album has going. Every song is dark and grimy. Hope the entire project isn't like this though, or the album will risk sounding samey. But I'm pretty sure the second half will be more bouncy. Anyways, this song is dope. Really like the piano on the beat, and Issa and AK are spitting some dope verses. Also, the bridge in this song bangs! Really liking what I'm hearing so far.

4. Star Signs
This is what I'm talking about. This song still fits, but it's more bouncy. It doesn't focus on the sadness. It's more about inspiration. I can dig that. Beat is atmospheric and introspective. AK and Issa do the back and forth again, and it works every time. I wish the hook wasn't there though, I wanted verse, after verse, after verse. Regardless, fantastic track!

5. The Dualist
Super soulful beat! Love it! This is my type of song. And the guys focus on inspirational raps, telling us stories about their childhood, and growing up to become The Underarchievers. I love the style they're using in here. The back and forth, verse after verse, is really working for me.

6. Illusions
What the hell!? This has no right to be so dope! This is crazy good. Both guys did great, but AK snapped. I love the energy they're bringing to every single song so far. Back to this song, the beat is borderline psychedelic, but it has an addictive melody. And while the spoken word was actually interesting, it slightly stopped the song's momentum. Still, love this song!

7. The Brooklyn Way
I usually have something to complain about. A hook, a spoken word, or something else. There's nothing I can complain about here. This song is amazing. The beat is soft, introspective and kinda sweet. Shoutout to the producer. And both guys spit some of the best verses in the entire project. I should mention: this song feels like a perfect outro, but we still have 8 songs to go. Interested to see where the album goes next. Anyways, I adore this one.

8. Reincarnation (Phase 2 Intro)
Dope track. As an intro for the Phase 2, it could have been better. The beat is alright, and the guys definitely spit their asses off. But as a whole, the song doesn't feel super memorable. I'm guessing Phase 2 = Bangers. I'm down.

9. Take Your Place
MY GOD! THIS SHIT CRAZY! It had me sweating. Back to business, this is the bangers I was looking for! Beat bangs, and it feels more complex/poetic than your usual commercial beat. AK and Issa are really versatile, they fit every beat I've heard them on. Also, they keep their lyrics on point even if the beat doesn't require them to.

10. Moon Shot
Another banger! Not a big fan of this one though. It sounds great in the car, but this is the weakest song so far. Mostly because of the melody in the beat. It just didn't click with me. It annoyed me a bit. Sounded like a Scottish dance song my grandma used to play 24/7. It's one's probably my fault, but I can't bump this one.

11. Generation Z
Dope! Let's start with the beat. It's pretty good, but I wish it was more psychotic and grimy. It still gets the job done. The boys ride the beat like it was nothing, spitting dope lines with different flows. Also, the hook is mad dope.

12. Allusions
This is fuego! I'm so impressed by these guys. They can make beautiful honest, introspective songs. But they're just as good at making crazy, aggressive bangers. This one has two parts, the first one is less aggressive, but just as bouncy. The second half though? As I said...fuego. Issa did great on this one. Really owned it. Won't spoil the fun, go check this out.

13. We the Hope
Good song. Let's get the bad out of the way: the beat and hook are a bit lazy. Still, the guys save the song with dope verses. I'm already sad the album it coming to an end. These guys are special. This album is special.

14. Stay the Same
Nice song. Really like the message, which you can infer by looking at the title. This slaps though. Beat is classy, sophisticated and bouncy. Issa and AK spit chill verses that compliment the overall vibe of the song perfectly.

15. Unconscious Monsters
Soulful outro. Thought they were gonna go out with a bang, but they decided to end on a positive, calmer note. Good decision. Beat is soft, mellow and introspective. Guys do a great job spitting chill verses with different flows. Love how they describe themselves: conscious rapper who can make the crowds move with bangers. Also, the instrumentation at the end is simply beautiful. Great way to finish the album.

Verdict: Evermore masterfully combines beautiful, soulful and introspective songs with dope, aggressive bangers. There really isn't a bad song in this album. Go out there and support these guys. They just released one of the best albums I've heard this year.

Favorite SongsThe Brooklyn Way
Rain Dance
Unconscious Monsters
- Star Signs
Take Your Place

Least Favorite Songs
- Moon Shot
- We the Hope

I give "Evermore" 8 chanclas outta 10

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  1. Dope album. Their posrivity and uniqueness in music has inspired me in many ways.