Tweek x Craig Review - South Park S19 E06

I couldn't stop laughing at the way this episode started. The PC principal roasting Leslie for the third time (funniest running gag we've had in years) . This time, she got a beautiful DAMNIT LESLIE, SHUT YOUR FUCKIN PIEHOLE. The funny thing? Girl wasn't even talking. That opening bit set the tone for the entire episode. While Tweek x Craig suffers from weird storytelling, it delivers big time with hilarious jokes.

So what's the episode all about? Homosexuality. For no reason, the Asian girls in school start doing these anime looking paintings of Craig and Tweek as a gay couple (even though they're not gay). Out of nowhere, the entire town actually wants them to be gay. Peer pressure is at an all time high., and a lot of weird things go down. A lot. Also, Cartman is oficially masturbating. I repeat, Cartman is masturbating! Now, I have a lot to say about the episode, so let's start with the negative.

Now, I like what Tweek x Craig is talking about. Homosexuality is nothing new, but South Park tackled the issue in an original way. Did it work? In some aspects. The underlayer was definitively there (we'll talk about that later), but I thought the story was told in a weird way. I found out that all the paintings we saw in this episode were actually fan art sent by the show's viewers. And while I appreciate the show involving the community, it might just be the reason why I felt that the story was off. I just think the story could have been told in a smarter way, without having to involve Asian girls drawing guys sucking each other off for no reason. Even if it was meant as a joke, I'm positive they could have found a better way to move the story forward.

That's the only thing I felt like the episode missed. The rest, great! Let's start with how funny this episode was. There were so many small details and bits that made the episode so much fun to watch. I decided to stop making a huge deal out of it, but still: continuity is still here. Whole Foods is going strong, the PC principal is still in charge (and on his way to become this season's funniest character), and Butters is Skyping with his Canadian girlfriend (he still didn't give her a good ol' hot Cosby). These small bits make the season feel like a fully fledged story, and not just random chapters.

Back to what made this episode so much fun, everyone was funny. Randy trying to be a smart dad, pretending to know stuff killed me. Or Cartman saying: "I'm pretty sure Craig has seen my wiener....should I kick his ass?". And I almost chocked on my popcorn when Tweak's dad said: "Why can't you quit him?". I won't spoil the rest, but pound for pound, this is one of the funniest episodes of the season (so far).

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: the episode was freaking weird. Even after watching it twice, a lot of things are open to interpretation. Here's what I thought: I don't think neither of the boys are gay. Even if they hinted at Tweek being homosexual, we'll just have to wait and see. I wanted to focus on some of the deeper subjects that I missed the first time watching the episode. First off, it took me way too long to figure out that the episode was flipping reality upside down. In the episode, the boys are not gay, but the town is almost forcing them to say they are. In reality, teenagers who actually are gay are pressured into hiding their real identity because they don't want to be rejected. It was a really cool way to present the story. And it's pretty deep.

And while some people are against gays coming out (Why would you?), there's also the other side. The hypocrites who believe that homosexuals are victims of some unknown disease. The episode showed it by the over the top, hilarious reactions the town had. They were all literally saying: Ohh you're gay? Take some money. Feel better! Also, some people actually think that being gay means being a better person, or being above the rest. And to that, I say HELL NO. Gay people suck just as much as the rest of us. Because we're all the same. What I'm trying to say is that while I know great guys who happen to be gay, I also know some real douchebags! And the episode hinted at all of this. Which is pretty amazing considering my mom still thinks this show is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (I hate you, mom) (Jk, I love you, mom).

I almost forget, I wish the side story with Cartman and his cupid self (TEE-HEE) would have gotten more time. I couldn't stop cracking up at their interactions. Cartman's cupid self peeing on people's mouths was also pretty amazing. And the end of the episode was also super strange. Cartman squeezing one out in the bathroom. It felt so weird. Like he's growing up. I kinda see these kids as my nephews. So seeing him mature made me sad (Damn...I'm the biggest nerd in this planet).

The Good
- Jokes on Jokes
- Deep Underlayer
- Continuity

The Bad
- Weird Storytelling
Score: 8/10
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