Biggest PlayStation Announcements at Paris Games Week

Sony's Paris Games Week Conference is finally done, and I think I'm satisfied. As a conference, it was great. As a way to promote exclusive games (which is what we all want to see), it was alright. I mean, we finally know what Quantic Dreams is working on, and we got to see some of the launch games we'll get to experience when Project Morpheus is released next year. But I was expecting more announcements. What's Sony Santa Monica up to? And don't get me started with Bend. Guess I'll have to wait until PSX. Anyways, while I wanted a bit more, Sony's conference had some pretty interesting announcements. Here's my top 6:

6. Matterfall

Housemarque's new game looks great. Even better, I know it'll be great! In modern day gaming, it's so rare to have a studio that makes nothing but excellent games. From the top of my head, I can only name Housemarque and Naughty Dog. Anyways, while this trailer doesn't say too much in terms of gameplay, I love the futuristic style and the non-stop action. Also, Housemarque is currently working on Alienation. So, did they split into two teams? Mmmmm...

4. Boundless

Boundless is described as a super ambitious big, open-ended game in which everyone plays together in a single online universe. Does it look like my type of game? Absolutely not. But it does look like an interesting game that could attract a pretty big audience. Made by developer Wonderstruck, this looks like a mix between Minecraft and Portal, meaning that it looks like Minecraft except you can use portals. However, I'm sure the game will be original and deep. Interested to hear more about this one.

4. Gravity Rush 2

I'll be honest with you: I didn't love Gravity Rush 1. I really liked the gravity mechanics, and the world and characters were pretty damn fascinating. Also, it looked great for a VITA exclusive (still love you, vita). But the combat really turned me off. While the combat still doesn't look fun, Gravity Rush 2 looks like an improvement in every single way. Prettier, more ambitious and action packed. I will have to give this franchise one last shot.

3. No Man's Sky Release Date

No reason for me to sell you on this game. It looks awesome. Everything about this game seems fun and exciting. And after waiting for months, we finally learned that the game is coming out in June 2016. While this might seem like a long time, they have to make sure the game works and plays perfectly (which probably won't happen). Also, they are probably working on the Morpheus. Which leads me to number two.

2. VR Support

Sony actually impressed me with this. I've always been very vocal when saying that Morpheus will crash and burn (PS Move style) unless Sony actually invests in the catalogue and puts big games out. And to their defence, they're definitively trying. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, RIGS, Robinson: The Journey, BattleZone, Tekken 7 and GRAN TURISMO SPORT (that's actually huge) are all coming to VR. While Gran Turismo seems like the only one that will actually push people to buy VR, it's a good start. And some of the other games actually look interesting, like Robinson: The Journey or RIGS. Excited for the future.

1. Detroit

Lastly, this was the most obvious, yet biggest announcement of the entire conference. We finally learned what Quantic Dreams is working on. Kinda. Remember a demo they made back in 2012 called KARA? Well, they're making a full game out of it. And I'm intrigued. Detroit looks like a fantastic game. Love the concept and the graphics. Also, there was no updates on Heavy Rain's PS4 release date. Dying to play both games.

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