Album Review: The Documentary 2 by The Game (All Tracks+Score)

I wasn’t excited for The Documentary 2. I really like The Game, but it has been a long time since he gave us an excellent album. And as soon as I heard the album had 2 discs, I got worried. How was he going to avoid filler tracks? Could he recapture the magic of the first album? I don’t know about disc 2, but this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. I like this better than the original Documentary.

1. Intro
Too short. Nothing to review

2. On Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Dope ass intro! The sample is great, and the song is pure west coast. Game brings that mean flow, spitting some clever lines. The star of the song is Kendrick. He sounds way too good on the beat, delivering a sweet verse and an incredible hook. And while the acapella verse was raw as hell, I wish the song would have stayed bouncy all throughout, but it still rocks.

3. Step up (feat. Dej Loaf & Sha Sha)
Really like this song! Beat is so grimy and old school. Feels like NWA. Bassline is also pretty good, and Game spits hard lines. The song is under 3 minutes, so it's short and sweet. While the hook didn't do anything for me, this is dope as hell.

4. Don't Trip (feat. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and
Man, this album is really dope so far! This one is super funky. Will produced a dope beat, and delivered a good hook. Game did his thing, and while I thought Cube's verse could have better, Dre destroyed it. Great verse! I kinda wished the song ended after Game's second verse.

5. Standing on Ferraris
I love this beat so much! They changed a bit, and it doesn't sound as good as Biggie's version. Still a great beat. Game does it all by himself, delivering a nice hook and tight verses. I'll say this: I'm sick of Diddy's spoken words. Did he forget how to spit a verse? Problem with re making classic songs is that they're never as good as the original ones. Still, this one is pretty nice.

6. Dollar and a Dream (feat. Ab-Soul)
Man! Game is spitting his ass off! I can't remember the last time he sounded this hungry. His kills it in this song, spitting some really dope bars and even taking shots at Lupe Fiasco (I stay the same, don't go weird like Lupe). Soul has a monster verse, perfectly using his unusual delivery and flows with his unique lyrical ability.

7. Made In America (feat. Marcus Black)
Super chill song. Game continues the concept behind Dollar and a Dream, talking about wanting to make it big and leave the hood. Marcus Black comes through with some beautiful vocals. The beat is rich and natural, with pianos and sweet drums all throughout the song. Could get down to this song at any moment.

8. Hashtag (feat. Jelly Roll)
Good song. Jelly annoyed me though. Didn’t dig the rapping/screaming/spoken word he was doing all throughout the song. Still, the beat is super abstract and druggy. Game sounds so good over these beats, and I swear he’s rhyming better than he usually does. I like the darkness of the track.

9. Circle (feat. Q-Tip, Eric Bellinger & Sha Sha)
I love this so much. There’s nothing I can complain about. I love the concept: Game and his girl’s arguments turned into rap verses. Both Game and Sha Sha do a great job making you feel like these discussions are actually happening in the studio. Eric Bellinger delivers a beautiful hook. And when you least expect it, the beat switches up and we get this beautiful instrumental, in which Q-Tip spits a quick verse. I adore this song.

10. Uncle (Skit)
Nice interlude. The music in the background, the Spanish and the dialogue really paints a picture in your head. I’m enjoying this album so much. More than I thought I would. Game really wasn’t playing when he said it he worked hard on this one.

11. Dedicated (feat. Future & Sonyae)
Good song. As I’ve stated before, I’m not the biggest Future fan. He didn’t do good or bad in this one. He was just there. Game talks about his girl, but it’s not nearly as unique or interesting as the way he did in ‘Circles’. It’s not bad though. The beat is bass heavy, so it bangs in the car.

12. Bitch, You Ain’t Shit
Man this track is funny as hell. Whoever this chick is, she got her ass roasted. The funny thing is that the beat is super sophisticated and introspective, but Game is just talking about funky pussy, herpes and nuts. It worked though. Again, this made me lol a couple of times. Good stuff.

13. Summertime (feat. Jelly Roll)
Mike Will killed this. If the ad-lib wasn’t there, I would have never guessed Mike made it. Props to him. The beat is bouncy but classy and jazzy, with some beautiful piano. Game does his thing, speaking about how people die in the summertime and telling us about his experiences. I love Jelly in this one. He sang a beautiful bridge. Super chill song.

14. Mula (feat. Kanye West)
Expected more from this track. It’s pretty dope, but people were talking about it like it was the song of the year. I love the sample, Sevn Thomas did his thing. Game spits dope verses, throwing some shade at 50. But I wanted a Ye verse. Still, he delivers a good hook. The Felicia interlude was also funny as hell.

15. The Documentary 2
Premo killed it with the beat! So good! Feels old school as hell. I could perfectly see this in the original Documentary. Game snaps telling us about his childhood, when he learned to rap and the illuminati. I’m loving this album. Holy shit.

16. New York, New York
Man… Good shit. Song is super short, but Game says a lot of things. He talks about religion and racism. But there’s this one cracker line that was mad dope. The beat feels a bit convoluted, but it has that epic depression feel. Really good song.

17. 100 (feat. Drake)
Heard this one a long time ago. It still bangs. Beat is super soulful but it’s still commercial. You don’t see that combination too often. Game fits the beat perfectly, spitting dope verses. Drake also has a mega dope verse. The whole song has a victory feel. Also, I really like the hook. I love how cohesive this album is. Sounds are different, but every song gives you the same west coast feel.

18. Just Another Day
Amazing song. The ‘Where I’m From’ goes hard as heel! The beat is soulful, sweet and laid back. Game gives us two personal verses, detailing his lifestyle, past and fallen friends. Hook was also great. Whoever sang it, you killed it!

19. LA (feat. Fergie, Snoop Dogg &
Such a dope outro. Soulful, bouncy and epic. and Fergie deliver a sweet hook, while Game and Snoop spit fantastic verses. also has a verse, and it was pretty good. Basically, everyone killed it, giving me a beautiful outro I’ll be playing for weeks.


Verdict: The Documentary 2 is simply incredible. It blew my expectations out of the water, and Game reminded me why he used to be one of my favorites. I love everything about this album! Is it a classic? Too early to tell... Is it my favorite Game album ever? Absolutely.

Favorite Tracks
- LA
- Circles
- Summertime
- The Documentary 2
- 100
- Step Up
- On Me

Least Favorite Tracks
- Dedicated

I give 'The Documentary 2' 8.5 chanclas out of 10

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