Want a CM Punk WWE Return? Support his UFC Run

Ever since UFC broke the news and admitted CM Punk's involvement with MMA, I felt a certain type of way. As a fan of the guy, I was delighted. I mean, he has everything. Health, a loving, supportive wife in AJ Lee and an enormous net worth. People saying he signed a deal for the money are wrong. He's just a man following his passion. I can respect that.

As a fan of wrestling though, I was heart broken. We had lost one of the best, most passionate workers I've ever seen. However, I've somehow come to terms with it. Now, just like every WWE fan, I eagerly await to see his UFC debut. The thing is, half of the wrestling community will watch hoping to see him succeed, and the other half is hoping to see him getting knocked the fuck out. This latter half should probably reconsider, because if they ever want to see CM Punk back in a ring, they should be supporting his UFC run.

Let's do a quick recap. Why did CM Punk leave WWE? Well, he wasn't feeling good, he never got the Wrestlemania main event he was promised and he felt like booking was wasting his talent. I won't really give my opinion on him leaving, but I will say I understand why he did it. He was tired, and as sad as it was, it wasn't his passion anymore. However, he gave me so many classic moments, matches and promos. So in my mind, he doesn't owe me anything.

I might be a Punk fanboy, but he's obviously not perfect. I might not know him personally, but you can tell he's a hard headed dude. Once he decides something, he'll go through with it until the end. That's why I don't believe his business with the UFC is a one time thing. Punk will fight at least a couple of times, and a possible WWE return will depend on how these matches go.

Let's say he fought a couple of times and got absolutely annihilated in every single one of them. Unlike what fans might think, I genuinely believe Punk wouldn't come back. Haters think he would run back to WWE if his MMA career failed. But Punk is not that type of guy. He would feel like he failed. And he probably wouldn't return to wrestling, fearing to look like a fool, with his tail between his legs.

Now, let's pretend he fights 4-5 times and kills it. He would eventually step out and consider a WWE return. Why? He would be an even bigger star. Maybe not Lesnar level, but he would be even more popular. And fans would go crazy. He could sign a contract that promises smart booking, and a Wrestlemania main event. While I'm sure Punk is not thinking about this at all, he will one day. The idea of having a last amazing run could make him return.

The funny part about this whole thing, is that even if Punk becomes a massive MMA star, he might never step in the ring again. Everything we do means nothing, if his passion for wrestling doesn't come back. The point I'm trying to make is that our chances increase if we support him like civilized fans, instead of tweeting at him 1000 times a day saying: EHH YO BROOKS, GO BACK TO WWE OR GET KO'D, YOU QUIETER BITCH!

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