The Weeknd - "Beauty Behind The Madness" Album Review

To be honest, I was never the biggest The Weeknd fan. Don't get me wrong, he has amazing vocals! And every now and then I'll enjoy a song. But whenever I tried to hear a full project... to be honest I started to get bored. Don't ask me why. Anyways, people either love The Weeknd or hate him. I was in the middle. I wanted this album to make me a big fan, and that's exactly what "Beauty Behind the Madness" did.

1. Real Life
Good intro. Abel destroys the vocals and I like the concept. Pushing loved ones away because you might hurt them, and that being the realest type of love. While I think that the instrumental could have sounded a bit more epic, the song is still great.

2. Losers (Labrinth)
Dope track. The beat drop was crazy. Instrumental was good, both Weeknd and Labrinth kill the vocals and the subject matter was good. Should mention, the fact that the song's first line is: "only losers go to school" left me like: but what about them kidssss?? Still, enjoyable song.

3. Tell Your Friends
Beautiful song. Abel opening up and letting us take a look at his lifestyle, over a soulful beat produced by Kanye, C. Mashall, Che Pope, Robert Holmes and Mike Dean. Personal subject matter, amazing beat. Lovely song.

4. Often
Not the biggest fan of this one. Loved the sample they used for the beat, which is atmospheric and good. But I don't really like the hook. It's feels a bit empty. Abel kills the vocals though.

5. The Hills
Great track. Let's start with the beat. So atmospheric, and the bassline is super heavy. Beat drop is superb. Abel also played with his voice, making it sound different. Hook is great. Nothing to complain about. This song takes me to another dimension.

6. Acquainted
Abel sounds like an angel in this one. Great vocals. Beat and hook are also pretty damn good. For some reason, this song just sounds like a calmed down version of The Hills. They have similar melody/hook. Still, feeling this one.

7. Can't Feel My Face
This was the song of the summer. Michael Jackson is back. For real though, this song is amazing. Beautiful vocals and a catchy hook, over a bassline heavy instrumental. We'll be playing this song in 10 years (if we're still alive). Classic song.

8. Shameless
Really good song. We usually don't hear The Weeknd over guitars. He killed it. Vocals are nice, hook is enjoyable and hook is simple but excellent. I specially enjoyed the guitar solo. Gave me goosebumps.

9. Earned It
While I hated 50 shades of gray, I loved this song. So damn good. Beautiful vocals, strong hook and breathtaking piano/drums instrumentation. I adore this song.

10. In The Night
Just like Can't Feel My Face, this song feels like an 90's Michael Jackson pop anthem mixed with this decade's style. While I didn't completely love Abed's delivery in the verses, he makes up for it with the hook. My god, what a hook. Beat is also simple and sweet.

11. As You Are
Okay song. Feels like a typical R&B beat, but Abel still destroys it with his vocals. It's a good song, but nothing about it impressed me, or made me freak out. Not bad or anything though.

12. Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran)
To be completely honest, I had high hopes for this song. Did it 100% deliver? Not really. It's still a good song. But it doesn't feel like a The Weeknd song, or an Ed Sheeran song. It just feels a bit average. They still kill the vocals, but the beat/hook could have been better.

13. Prisoner (feat. Lana Del Rey)
Nice song. Abel could have done but Lana had some beautiful, sexy vocals. Beat could be better, and the hook is really enjoyable. Good song that could have been great.

14. Angel
Good outro. Abel has a personal message, told through great vocals, over a soft, enjoyable beat. While it was a bit long (almost 7 min), it's still a great outro track, and an decent way to wrap the album up.

Verdict: The Weeknd is oficially a superstar. Beauty Behind the Madness is not a perfect album, but it's exactly what Abel needed. He opens up his mind, and lets us explore. While is not as cohesive as I wish it was, there are enough stand out tracks to make this a good listen, and even if some songs could be 30-45 seconds shorter, there's not 1 horrible song. This is one of 2015's best R&B albums.

Favorite Songs
- Can't Feel My Face
- The Hills
- Earned It
- Tell Your Friends
- In The Night

Least Favorite Songs
- Often
- As You Are

I give this bad boy 8 chanclas out of 10