The City Part of Town Review - South Park S19 E03

Last week's episode was simply amazing. It would probably be in my top 20-30 episodes ever. I really loved the dark humor, the way they tackled the topics and the overall vibe. Well, "The City Part of Town" isn't nearly as good, but it's still an enjoyable episode of my favorite TV show.

So what was the episode about? Again, all the storylines in previous episodes had real effects in this one. Garrison is off to Washington, and Jimmy Fallon is not about to have it. He delivers a monologue on national television, saying South Park is the worst town in America. Feeling the heat, South Park decides to prove they're a noble town by getting a Whole Foods. How can they get a Whole Foods? By gentrifying the shitty parts of town, and turning the whole thing into generic, "state of the art" community.

So yeah, the episode tackled gentrification. If you don't know what it means, Wikipedia defines it as "The buying and renovating of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by wealthier individuals, which in effect improves property values but also can displace low-income families and small businesses. Really glad they talked about this. It's a real world problem, and it deserves to be on the spotlight.

In the episode, people start building fancy facilities, coffee shops and restaurants. This "community" is called SODOSOPA. They nailed the aesthetic. Every waiter has a man bun. The ads look EXACTLY like the real ones I see on TV. Also, these ads are done with real people, making the whole thing feel relatable as hell. And, just like real life, this gentrification is affecting people. Specifically, Mr. Kim and Kenny.

I'm so glad Mr. Kim is back! If you forgot, he's the owner of City Wok (want some shitty chicken?). With all these elegant restaurants, his business is dying. His solution? Improve his establishment by hiring a bunch of kids (including Kenny). Kenny's family is also being affected by these suburbs. Their ugly house is literally sitting in the middle of SODOSOPA, and they feel left out. Eventually, Mr. Kim and Kenny make an unusual alliance. For a second I thought they were going for a Karate Kid storyline, but nothing crazy happened. Still, glad Kenny and Kim finally got their chance at participating in an episode.

Something I really appreciate about this season so far, is the topics they're handling. We've gotten immigrants, freedom of expression and now gentrification. And they've all been handled with class. This episode makes a lot of good points, and it makes them with taste. A lot of taste, but not enough humor.

That was my main problem with the episode. Not enough "in your face" humor. I wouldn't say the episode wasn't funny, but most of the humor was subtle. Like Kenny's family looking in angrily on the live action, or Fallon's spot. We even got a couple of funny one liners, like the mayor calling Craig a homosexual. But I just feel like "The City Part of Town" could have used a few more laughs. It would have taken the episode from good, to great.

The Good
- Gentrification
- Subtle Humor
- Mr. Kim

The Bad
- Not Enough Laughs


  1. There's nothing funny about gentrification. It is occurring everywhere, not just in the U.S. There was no humor to be had for most because it was happening to a single white family. In reality, it's mostly Hispanic, black, and immigrant communities being forced out in favor of condos being bought/built by multi-million dollar developers. These rents are triple and often much more than any working class family could afford.

  2. Guessing you're not a South Park fan, because that's what the show is all about. Tackling serious issues with dark humor, but a serious undertone. I understand if you're offended, but I didn't have a problem with the episode.

  3. That's the point south park is trying to make, guy! It isn't funny. But the sad truth is that gentrification is happening and what are we doing to revitalize the nation? Kenny has the idea. Hard work, humble attitude and a charitable mindset. That's the message, buddy.

    1. I think we're not talking about the same issue, pal. I understand gentrification is a sad thing. That's not what I'm talking about. South Park is still a comedy show, so even if they we're handling the saddest topic ever, I still expect to laugh. I'm not saying they have to make jokes about gentrification. I just wanted more laughs in general. That's the point I'm trying to make, mate.

    2. Wow.. I didnt realize that till now.