Stunning and Brave Review - South Park S19 E01

South Park is back! I've been a fan of this show since it began. God knows how many hours I've lost watching these kids get themselves in crazy situations. We've gotten 18 seasons, full of ups and down, but mostly ups. I decided I'll be reviewing the entire season, even if I usually don't cover T.V. Back to the premiere, I was super excited for the episode. Once I heard it was going to be about Cailtlyn Jenner, I was dying to see the episode. Well, it's not a horrible season premiere, but "Stunning and Brave" doesn't fully deliver the South Park experience.

Now, I thought the episode was going to be purely about Caitlyn Jenner, but it tackles so much more. We begin with a school meeting, in which we find out Principal Victoria has been fired. I wonder if she'll be gone for the entire season. Anyways, she's replaced by the "PC Principal", the leader of a social awareness group that discourages the use of words that have negative or offensive connotations. Or so they say. In reality, they are a bunch of "cool bros" that will beat you to death if you criticize people. They take over town, and eventually everyone is scared to have negative opinions.

I enjoyed the PC group... for the most part. The group itself was pretty stupid, but Randy made it funny. I love how he tried to shut down the PC but ended up joining them. Watching Randy do the Whip/Nae Nae or seeing him bully Kyle to join the group was freaking hilarious.

Why was Kyle getting bullied? Well, he doesn't think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero. He keeps expressing how he understands if people adore her, but he just doesn't think she's a good person. And he ends up with dicks drawn to his face and 2 weeks of detention. I love how they tackled the issue. To be honest, I feel like people aren't allowed to have a negative opinion on Caitlyn Jenner. Which I think is bullshit. I'm not saying you have to love her, or hate her. I'm saying you're allowed to have your own opinion. Kyle didn't take the worst beating though

That honor goes to Cartman. The PC principal beat the living shit out of him. Another big story the episode tackled was the "Tom Brady Cheating" scandal that took place last season. Cartman announces himself as "The Brady Of South Park", meaning that he can cheat whenever he wants and get away with it. Therefore, he decides to stop the PC group. I thought this storyline was a miss.. . Some funny moments came out of it, like Cartman dressing up as Brady, Commissioner Goodell and Bill Belichick. Or what might be my favorite moment of the episode, Cartman attacking the PC group with pregnant-Mexican women, Syrian kids and a hungry Jared from Subway (and he's not hungry for sandwiches).

However, the episode felt a bit flat. Some of the jokes just didn't get me. Like saying Brady's wife looks like a dude. Or Cartman delivering an emotional Tom Brady speech. Also, some main characters didn't get any time. Stan and Kenny didn't do aaaaaaanything in this episode. And lastly, we didn't get the Caitlyn Jenner cameo we were all waiting for.

Verdict: If this was a mid-season episode, I probably wouldn't dislike it as much. It certainly has funny moments. But as a whole, this episode felt flat. Where was the crude humor South Park is known for? Not the best season premiere, but I'm confident it'll get better as the episodes roll out.

The Good
- Randy kills it
- Jared from Subway
- Treated a touchy subject with respect

The Bad
- Majority of the Tom Brady storyline
- Some jokes felt flat
- No Caitlyn Jenner cameo
Score: 6.5/10

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