Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Beta: First Impressions

For the past couple of days, I've been playing Rainbow Six Siege beta non-stop. And so far I'm impressed. Ubisoft Montreal promised innovative, fun gameplay, and that's exactly what they've given us. This game is really different. In a good way. Outside a couple of problems, this is already one of the best FPS I've played this year. I could talk about the horrible matchmaking, but it's just a beta.. I'm positive Ubisoft will have them running by launch.  Again, remember my judgement is purely based on the trailers and gameplay that has been shown so far. Meaning that my opinions could change for the better, or the worse once the game comes out. With that being said, let's talk about Rainbow Six Siege!

The Good
- It's just so much fun
- Unique Concept: 5 vs. 5 matches. One team fortifies a house, and the other one tries to get in and kill everyone. Infiltrating, killing terrorists and defusing bombs. Sounds pretty basic, but the delivery is incredibly unique.
- Original Gameplay: Blowing up walls, destroying barricades, spying enemies with cameras, vaulting up walls and so much more! All the maps are detailed and realistic looking.
- Different Classes, with Different Gadgets: Each class has its own weapons, abilities and equipment. You need a diverse team if you want to get the W.
- Harder/More Clever than your usual FPS: Everything is slower. Every action matters. You only have 1 life per round, so you have to protect it while also killing your enemies.

The Bad
- You die super fast: this is not really bad. But it can definitely be annoying at times. One or two shots and you're done. I can respect if Ubisoft doesn't change this. It is their vision after all.
- Shield is Overpowered: Biggest issue so far. The shield is so OP. You can't really break it. So you're pretty much bound to die when fighting an enemy with a shield.

- More Maps and Gamemodes
- Make sure servers work

Again, already one of the best FPS I've played this year!

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