Mac Miller - GO:OD AM Album Review (All Tracks + Score)

I'm not the biggest Mac Miller fan. He can make great records and every time he releases an album I get excited. But at the end of the day, I lose interest while listening to his albums. Don't know what it is. I wanted Good AM to be the first Mac Miller album I could play front to back without feeling bored. And for the most part, it is. I really like this album. Here's why:

1. Doors
Too short to review. I did like the instrumentation. Sounded fancy. And while Mac's vocals weren't great, I'm not mad at them. Interesting intro.

2. Brand Name
Nice start. It's way too long though. It feels like it dragged for the last minute and a half. Still, the first 3 minutes are great! The beat has a comeback season feel to it. It really makes you think: MAC MILLER IS BACK. Verses are also nice. Mac addresses his lifestyle, beliefs and comparisons with Eminem.

3. Rush Hour
Okay song. Mac tells us about his life before the fame and how he dreamed about getting the money and the fame. Thing is, Mac doesn't sound interested in what he's saying. He's talking about not catching HIV like it was nothing. I needed more emotion. Beat bangs, but it feels a bit average and empty.

4. Two Matches (feat. Ab-Soul)
Super chill song. Beat is laid back, simple but full of energy. Soul and Mac give some inspiration, telling us no dream is too big. While they both had nice verses, I can't fully appreciate the Ab-Soul verses in which he doesn't rhyme at all. Hook is melodic and sweet enough.

5. 100 Grandkids
Been bumping this one for a couple of weeks now. Really like these types of records. They start with some soft, melodic song and eventually turn into dark bangers. I like the second half of this song a bit more, but I'll still enjoy the melodies the first half brings to the table. Can't complain too much.

6. Time Flies (feat. Lil B)
Let's get something out of the way: I wanted a Lil B verse. We only got spoken word. Whatever. Song is actually enjoyable. The beat is full of bass! And while it's pretty simple, I thought the beat was more than good enough. Mac spits some nice verses with his usual flow. However, he changes his voice a bit, making the song sound fresh and different.

7. Weekend (feat. Miguel)
Great song. Mac opens up and tell us about the problems that keep him awake at night.  He uses some nice flows that work great with the beat. Beat is simple but again, it works. It has a basic melody and some nice drums. Miguel sings the hook and some extra lines. It should come as a surprise, but he kills it.

8. Clubhouse
Not a big fan of this one. The beat was good enough... I guess? At times I found it annoying. My main problem with this song is that I just wasn't interested in what Mac was saying. Hook is also average at best.

9. In The Bag
Banger! This track was making my speakers do that work. The beat is dark and bouncy. Mac comes through with killer lines and energy. Hook is pretty catchy. My issue with the song is that it clearly wanted to prove that Mac can spit. So why have a 4 minute song? Make a 2 minute song, full of killer lines. It would make the song more memorable.

10. Break The Law
Really like this one. Feels old school. Beat is pure and complete. Mac's message is (as you might have guessed): Fuck the system, break the laws. Which is fine by me. He brings charisma and flows, with an enjoyable hook. It is also short, which makes it so much better.

11. Perfect Circle / God Speed
I usually hate long songs, but I was fine with this one. Let's start with Perfect Circle: mad dope! The beat is so different. Feels like it could be in a western movie. Mac rides the beat like it's nothing, delivering clever lines. God speed has a beautiful sample with some soulful piano, and Mac talks about his addiction and family. I really like the two songs. I would like it so much more if the transitions were more smooth. After Perfect Circle ends, we get a minute and a half of useless singing before God Speed starts. And at the end of God speed we get a weird outro that didn't belong. Without these bits, the song would be shorter and more enjoyable. Still, great song.

12. When in Rome
BANGER! This has no right to be this dope. I love how mad and energetic Mac sounds on this. The beat is super repetitive, but he knew that. So just when you start getting bored, he plays a different beat and continues to spit his ass off. Pretty good stuff.

13. ROS
Romantic ballad. I usually hate them, but this one is okay. I love the instrumentation. Some breath taking piano backed up by some sweet drums. Mac talks us through his break up and the mistakes he made. While I love Mac spitting over the beat, his singing can be hit or miss. To me, it was a hit (for the most part). But you might be turned off by it.

14. Cut The Check (feat. Chief Keef)
Low key banger. The beat bangs! A nice bassline, some poetic vocals in the background, and dope verses. Mac kills his verse with some nice flows. Keef sounds good, but he's not really saying anything important. Love the wrestling references though. I feel like I shouldn't like this song, but I do.

15. Ascension
Didn't like this one. Beat was lacking emotion. I also disliked Mac's delivery with the half singing, half rapping. The only song in the album that started to get me sleepy.

16. Jump
The song talks about death. Mac deals with it in a positive way, telling people to take risks and go out there. Song is alright. Beat was overwhelming and it felt a bit too poppy for my taste. Hook could have been better. But the verses were fire.

17. The Festival (feat. Little Dragon)
Nice outro. Really like the beat. Mac's verse is also pretty good. However, not the biggest fan of Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon. Just wasn't interested in her hook/verse. I wish the song was more introspective.

Verdict: GO:OD AM might be my favorite Mac Miller album. It has some of the best songs he has ever written, dealing with a variety of topics, feelings and problems. Production is also great! It manages to have different sounds while staying cohesive. It is a bit too long for my taste, and some of the songs keep the album from being great. Still, I consider this a fine listen.

Favorite Songs
- Perfect Circle/God Speed
- 100 Grandkids
- When in Rome

Least Favorite Songs
- Ascension
Score: 3.5/5

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