Jay Rock - 90059 Album Review (All Tracks + Score)

We've all been waiting for a Jay Rock album. He signed with TDE before Kendrick, Schoolboy, or Soul. And somehow, he's not as big as he deserves to be. I love Jay Rock. I don't think he's ever spit a wack verse. His rhymes, voice and ear for beats are exceptional. I truly believe he will make a classic album. 90059 may not be that album, but it's still a great piece of work.

1. Necessary
Fantastic intro! We begin with some sweet melody as Jay declares "90059 is the ZIP". All of a sudden, the beat changes into a hard hitting, gangsta track. Jay spits lines about his life and moving in the hood. I also really enjoyed the hook. Nice start to the album.

2. Easy Bake (feat. Kendrick Lamar & SZA)

To be honest, I expected more from this song. It's divided in two parts. The first part has Jay and Kendrick spitting. I didn't really enjoy it though. The beat felt slow and average. And Jay used a weird flow that didn't do anything for me. Kendrick was alright, but he didn't get much time to spit. The second part is more melodic, with SZA singing over a softer, funky beat. Jay sounds way better over this beat. As a whole though, this song feels really disjointed.

3. Gumbo

Really like this track... Super chill. Jay uses a nice flow to spit dope verses over some beautiful, smooth instrumental by J.LBS. Hook is also super mellow, feels like some old school Outkast. Nothing to complain about. Dope.

4. Wanna Ride (feat. Isaiah Rashad)
This one disappointed me a bit. Seeing the title, I expected something more bouncy and smooth. The beat is pretty chill, but it feels basic and empty. And while Jay destroys the beat with nice flows and voice changes, we all wanted an Isaiah Rashad verse. The hook didn't do anything for me.

5. The Ways (feat. Sir)
This song didn't do anything for me. The best part is the beat. It's smooth but there's a disturbing undertone that makes me enjoy it so much more. That's pretty much it. Jay doesn't sound interested, and the hook is weak at best.

6. Telegram (Going Krazy) [feat. Lance Skiiiwalker]
Such a good track. It starts with some heavenly vocals that really put me in a certain mood. Then we get 40 seconds of Jay singing before he actually starts spitting. Not a huge deal, but I wish Jay's verses started sooner. Once they start though, everything clicks. The beat, and Jay's voice and lyrics. This is how you make a love song.

7. 90059
Title track. I enjoyed it (for the most part). Let's get it out of the way: Jay's disturbed vocals were horrible. I understand that the track wanted to put me in a certain mind state, but those vocals really didn't do it for me. One he actually starts spitting, the song becomes great. The instrumental is quite simple, but it has a crazy, psychotic feel. Jay delivers his usual aggressive bars, which work great with the song's theme.

8. Vice City (feat. Black Hippy)
First couple of listens, I hated this song. But it's actually pretty good. The beat is good, but it's nothing impressive. The star of the song is not the beat though, it's TDE. They work so well as a team. In this song, they all use this super weird flow... it's actually pretty dope. And they all killed it. I specially enjoyed Kendrick and Schoolboy, but Soul and Jay also did great. I don't know why the song has a 10 second hook. I wish it was just verse, after verse, after verse. Still, dope song.

9. Fly on the Wall (feat. Busta Rhymes)
Deep track. Jay really shows his skills with this one. Love the "being a fly on the wall" concept. Beat wise, I wish it was more melodic. It's not horrible, but at times it can feel hollow, which distracts me from enjoying what Jay is saying. Busta has a verse were he details how he feels about Jay, and how their relationship has evolved. I love how Busta acted as Jay's mentor. However, he didn't really feel the beat, and his delivery wasn't the greatest.

10. Money Trees Deuce (feat. Lance Skiiiwalker)
Dope track. It was impossible for it to be better than the original Money Trees. And it's not. But I still really like this song. The instrumental is smooth, soft and bouncy. Jay drops inspirational, yet introspective verses about chasing money and living in the hood.

11. The Message
Super nice outro. Beat is heavily jazz inspired. Jay spits the truth. The first verse talks about how hard life is and how you could die at any second. The second one switches things up, talking about learning to adapt and survive, and how changes will come to our lives. Love that Jay ended the album with hints of hope and positiveness.

Verdict: 90059 is Jay Rock's best album to date. It's intense, hard hitting, introspective and honest. All throughout the album, you can feel a beautiful sense of depression. It's also sonically cohesive, and while I wish it was a bit longer, it didn't overstay its welcome. While some songs keep it from being as great as it could, this is a pretty sweet album.

Favorite Tracks
- Telegram (Going Krazy)
- The Message
- Gumbo
- Necessary
Least Favorite Tracks
- The Ways
Score: 4/5

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