"Fetty Wap" Album Review

I like Fetty Wap. Unlike most commercial artists nowadays, he understands and appreciates melodies. He makes the type of bangers I can get down to. All I wanted out of this album? Dope beats and catchy hooks, without a lot of filler. While I did get the bangers I wanted, I also got an enormous amount of unnecessary content..

The Good

Hip Hop is all about expectations. If you hear this expecting crazy bars, technical flows and deep content, you will be massively disappointed. If you want commercial songs to dance and party, this is for you. Because in this album, Fetty really delivers some really dope bangers. The small problem I have with this, is the fact that the dopest songs were released as singles. Trap Queen, My Way and 679 are all catchy, melodic and pretty dope. I don't have a problem with the singles being dope. I do have a problem with the singles being the best songs in the album. There really wasn't any hidden gems in this album. The best songs had been out for a while. And outside of "I'm Straight", "Trap Luv" and "How We Do Things", the rest of the tracks in here just didn't impress me.

The beats in this project are pretty good. They're all commercial, but they all have a certain melody to them. And the album is sonically cohesive. All the beats feel like they're made by one guy, even if they're not. While that might turn you off, I thought it was fine. We got enough variety. We have the bangers like 679, the romantic slower tracks like Again or the simpler, yet darker songs like Boomin. I do wish the album had some experimental beats. Guys like Young Thug are rapping over some of the most distorted, weird beats I've ever heard in the mainstream. In this album, Fetty Wap doesn't leave his comfort zone. Which is not a bad thing, but it doesn't help the album either.

Fetty Wap
Yes. Fetty Wap really shines in this album. He has a unique voice and delivery. People saying he sounds like everybody else are dead wrong. There's a reason why radio is giving him so much support. He's original. His vocals are weirdly melodic and enjoyable. I hope radio doesn't overplay him to the point where he becomes annoying, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. Fetty brings his originality and uniqueness to the album, proving he will not be a one-hit wonder.

The Bad

Album Feels Rushed
So yeah. There's a lor of elements I enjoy about this album, but they're all ruined by a couple of problem. To start with, this album feels so rushed. It's not even funny. In my opinion, there's a lot of filler tracks. I could have done without song like Jugg, Time and Couple Bands. Other tracks, like I Wonder and Boomin, had a lot of potential. But at the end, they feel like alright songs that could have been great. The fact that the album is rushed brings other problems, like the fact that the album feels way too long. They could have cut down the tracklist from 17 to 12, and have nothing but essential bangers.

Now, I don't have a problem with Monty. He actually does his things in a number of the tracks he appears on. The problem is, he's featured in 7 out of the 17 songs in here. I perfectly understand why Fetty wanted to put his homie over, but it could have been done without having him in almost 50% of the songs. It steals the spotlight away from Fetty, because after all, it's HIS debut album. Also, I wish we had Drake's remix of My Way. That shit was hot.

Verdict: Fetty Wap's self titled debut proves he's not a one-hit wonder. However, the amount of filler in here keeps it from being an enjoyable listen. I can always put this at a house party if I'm not paying attention. But as a body of work, this album disappointed me.

Favorite Songs
- Trap Queen
- My Way
- Trap Luv

Least Favorite Songs
- Jugg
- Couple Bands

I give "Fetty Wap" 2.5 chanclas outta 5 

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