Drake and Future - What a Time to be Alive Mixtape First Reaction/Review (All Songs + Score)

What a time to be alive! We first heard from this mixtape about a week ago, and now it's out! I'm a huge Drake fan, but I'm far from a Future supporter. Don't get it wrong, I like a lot of his songs. But for me to get over Future's lazy bars and voice tone, he needs to give me a 5/5 beat. Anyways, I was afraid that Future was going to ruin this mixtape for me. And for the most part, he did. While this mixtape has a couple of dope songs, it's 50% pure ass

1. Digital Dash
Mediocre start. The beat is pretty good, but it's not nearly as catchy as it should have been. It also gets repetitive after a couple of minutes. Future has no remarkable lines, and he brings no charisma. He had the same exact voice tone during his entire verse. Drake can't save the song. But to be fair his verse was just alright.

2. Big Rings
Now we're talking! Beat is way more bouncy and exciting. Drake also brings that energy into his verse, delivering a killer hook. No thoughts on the Future verse. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Nice banger though.

3. Live From The Gutter
Okay song. Beat is more laid back, chill and melodic. Future didn't really fit the beat. And while he brought more charisma into this one, his verse didn't do anything for me. This really feels like a Drake song. He fits the beat and brings a good verse. Still, as a whole this song is alright.

4. Diamonds Dancing
WTF? This is trash! The beat is okay. It's probably the best part of the song. The rest is simply wack. Future has a couple of verses and some mediocre singing full of auto tune. And Drake has no verse. He has 2 minutes of useless mumbling/singing. 2 MINUTES. Unless somebody puts a gun to my face, I'm never playing this song again.

5. Scholarships
Okay... This is better. While I wish the song didn't start with a 40 second intro, once it actually starts I really like this song. The beat is dark, introspective and melodic. And I actually liked Future verse. He actually puts some energy while delivering some rhymes. I thought his verse was better than Drake's. Hook is pretty nice. Finally a great song!

6. Plastic Bag
Chill song. Beat is pretty simple, but it's sweet and soft. Drake does his thing, delivering a nice hook and verse. Future's verse was just meh. Not bad.

7. I'm the Plug
Dope! I actually enjoyed Future in this one (for the most part). Beat was great. Energetic and hard hitting. Drake though. He snapped! He delivers nice lines with unusual flows. Hook was half assed. You can tell it was written in 5 minutes. Regardless, I like this one.

8. Change Locations
Not mad at this one. Really like the hook. Future and Drake share the hook, making it seem original and fresh. Drake verse is good, but nothing special. Future's verse though. It's retarded. And not in a good way.

9. Jumpman 
Another okay song. Beat is dope, but it feels empty and incomplete. Still, Drake and Future do their thing. It's just, there's nothing special about this song. It's just o.k.

10. Jersey
Good song. I wish it had a Drake verse. Still, Future does fine by himself. He fits the dark, bouncy beat. He also has a nice delivery. Plus, he actually sounds interested.

11. 30 for 30 Freestyle 
Drake's solo track might be my favorite song of the mixtape. I love the tracks in which Drake is just spitting without hooks. While I wish the beat was a bit more melodic, we still get some soft piano and drums. The OVO king tackles topics like his lifestyle, his city and his family. Really soft, beautiful outro.

Verdict: I don't hate this mixtape, but I really wanted to love it. While it has some stand out tracks, it also has some really mediocre, horrible songs. You probably won't love this unless you're a hardcore Drake AND Future fan. In my opinion though, this is one of the most disappointing project I've heard this year.

Favorite Songs
- 30 for 30 Freestyle
- I'm the Plug

Least Favorite Songs
- Diamonds Dancing
- Change Locations
Score: 3/5

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