ZZ Must Not Win Tough Enough

I love Tough Enough. Is it perfect? Not at all! To be honest, it's not even that great. I'll write a review when the season is over but my main problems with the show are the fact that coaches don't have a saying when it comes to eliminations, and the fact that the judges pick the bottom three based on a 20 min edited video, full of ''skits'' to make people like (or dislike) a competitor. Still, as a wrestling fan I love it. That's the reason why I hope ZZ leaves Tough Enough: Because I love wrestling.

I'll be honest: I was a ZZ supporter up until a couple of weeks ago. When the competition started, he was the only one having fun, showing personality and making people laugh. I think deep inside I saw him as an underdog, one that could never win a physical competition like Tough Enough. Truth be told, it might have been psychological. It's a fact: we all like underdogs.

That's s why I kept voting for him. I voted for him over Hank. I voted for him over Daria. While I did this I just wanted ZZ to commit. To get in better shape, or to at least show that he was trying. That's what I needed ZZ to do: work hard to get in better shape, while keeping his great charisma and personality.

ZZ never did this. Week after week his jokes kept coming, but no signs of wanting to improve his body. Every week, this kept happening...until the jokes got old. Two weeks ago, the guy who probably wanted the contract more than anyone, Patrick Clark, was eliminated. That's when it hit: ZZ might be the underdog, but it doesn't mean he wants it or deserves it more than the other guys. Seeing Patrick leave while ZZ stayed was hard. And then the exact same thing happened the next week.

Mada was my second favorite competitor. He won me over with the promo challenge, and out of nowhere he kept proving over and over that he really wanted the contract. That is until he fell to the bottom three. Once again: ZZ was saved (for the fourth time) and Mada was forced to leave. That's when I was done. I realized I wanted ZZ out of Tough Enough.

I'd like to set the record straight: this is nothing personal against ZZ. Like I said before, he's an underdog who has great charisma and personality. But that's just not enough. He doesn't work hard enough. He doesn't take the competition seriously and he's getting potential superstars out of the show. Even if I think I enjoy ZZ more than Josh, we have to ask ourselves: Is ZZ the next John Cena or the next Santino Marella? Tough Enough is about finding the next superstar, and that's why ZZ must not win the show.

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