Stro - Mighty Healthy '16 Song Review

I first heard of Stro when he got on America's Got Talent. After the show, I didn't hear from him for a while. I recently checked him out in an interview with Hot 97, in which he had a big argument with Ebro. I agree with the things Ebro was saying, but I disagree with the way he was saying those things. Stro, if you're reading this: you're doing 50% of what you need to do. You're making dope records. But you need to hustle. Because if radio plays your music but you don't have a big fanbase, most people will ignore the records. But when you have a group of people on your back that support you, they will do the job for you: they will request the records. And radio will be more confident in giving you a chance. How do you get this big fanbase? Keep making the records, go out there and be patient. Do shows and promote yourself. It'll slowly come. Anyways, here's what I thought about the song:

The Good
- Dope Beat
- Nice Verses
- Flows For Days

The Bad
- Nothing to complain about

Score: 4.5/5

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