NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Results/Review

WWE fans in Brooklyn are the luckiest people alive right now (I envy you, Peter Rosenberg). After NXT TakeOver, SummerSlam and Raw will also take place in the Barclays Center. The festivities have begun, and so far I'm having a blast! NXT TakeOver was an awesome PPV, and I wouldn't be shocked if it end ups being better than SummerSlam.

Now, don't get it twisted: I'm extremely excited for SummerSlam. However, it's one of those PPV's that are destined to either be one of the best PPV's of the year, or one of the worst. If Cena vs. Rollins has an unfair, indecisive finish or the Lesnar vs. Taker ends up being badly booked, SummerSlam will be seen as a failure. An NXT PPV has its advantages: we only expect great wrestling, not amazing spots and finishes. Also, we don't have as many ads, musical segments and distractions from the wrestling. But why was this PPV so good?

Well, the PPV started with the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger taking on Tyler Breeze. Match was pretty good. Wrestling wise, it was okay (with the exception of Liger applying a couple of fancy submissions). But the match was entertaining as a whole. Liger ended up getting the victory. I was asked on Twitter if Liger should have put Breeze over. Now, you might know that I'm a big fan of older wrestlers passing the torch (that's why I think Rollins should beat Cena cleanly). However, Liger is an absolute legend and we don't know how many matches he has left Breeze has a long career ahead of him, it's okay for him to job every now and then.

The second match had The Vaudevillains take on Blake and Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Championships. There was a lot to this match. Blue pants came back to stop Alexa Bliss, we had a lot of nice spots and near countfalls. The Vaudevillains ended up gaining the belts. Had no problem with it. I really like these guys. Their style is so....unorthodox. Hope they keep the titles for a while.

Then, Apollo Crews made his long-awaited debut defeating Tye Dillinger. Match was good. Apollo got to showcase his power and athleticism, and Tye also showed his skill and charisma. My only problem with this match was the fact that Apollo took a lot of damage. I mean, it's his debut. He should have destroyed his opponent. However, I was still impressed by his moves. He seems like the son of Bobby Lashley and Neville. Excited to see what he does next.

We also got Samoa Joe facing off against Baron Corbin. Now, this match wasn't all that great. I mean, I enjoyed certain aspects of it but it wasn't anything amazing. Their styles didn't seem to merge that well. Talking about merging, Corbin seems like the son of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, which is a weird to say as Wyatt and Dallas are real-life brothers. But you get my point. Anyways, I liked that both guys were booked as powerhouses. Nobody tapped out. Good booking, okay match.

I'm happy to report that once again, the women stole the show. For real, Sasha Banks' match against Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship was amazing. It had everything that makes a legendary match: An interesting story, good wrestling, chemistry, big spots, and a botch that almost kills one of the competitors. That botch though. Bayley fell from the top-rope neck first, and I really thought they would have to stop the match. Scary stuff. However she ended this amazing match by finally capturing the Women's Championship. At the end, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley all hugged and celebrated with the crowd. It was sad to see Banks crying. I think she knows she won't be back in NXT and she couldn't keep it in. Side one: Thank you ladies! You proved women can have 5/5 matches. Anyways, match of the PPV.

Finally, the main event had Kevin Owens lose against the demon, Finn Balor. Great match! These guys have great chemistry! They had great spots, even if Owens took 90% of the bumps. It was hard to follow the amazing match Banks and Bayley had, but these guys got close. Owens lost, so he'll probably pick up the win against Cesaro. As for Finn, he should begin a long reigns as NXT Championship.

Verdict: This PPV was great. Even if some matches weren't excellent, there was no weak link. Every wrestler came out trying to deliver great matches, and they all passed with honors. This wrestling-fest is off to a good start. Let's just hope SummerSlam can live up to this.

Score: 4/5

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