Mafia 3: The Good, The Bad, The Dirty Magazines

Mafia 3 is less than a month away, and I am feeling ecstatic. I was a huge fan of Mafia 2.  It was a great, unique open world title with an amazing, emotional narrative. For the most part, I think Mafia 3 looks just as good, if not better! While I couldn't play the game, I saw about 10 minutes of gameplay and some friends who played the game gave me their opinions. Of course, the game is coming out in October 7, 2016;so while not final, these are my current impressions:

The Good

  • A new story!While I sort of wanted a direct sequel to Mafia 2, I'm glad 2K is taking a different approach. We'll play as Lincoln Clay, who must fight against the city's criminal clans and take control of the city. You'll be helped by three sidekicks, including Mafia 2's protagonist, Vito Scaletta.
  • The Setting: New Orleans in the 60's. That should mean a better looking city, cars and decoration. A diversified map with lifelike areas full of color and detail. It also means racism, Vietnam and the peace movement. The game will touch on some pretty controversial topics.
  • Music: I absolutely loved the music in Mafia 2. It felt so good to drive around Little Italy while playing old Jazz music. Mafia 3 will keep the Jazz, while also adding rock from the 60's, making for a more complete soundtrack.
  • Graphics: Game looks beautiful.

The Bad

It's too early to hate on the game, and to be honest I liked what I saw. The only thing that worried me was the fact the car combat/driving didn't look realistic. It had an arcade feel. In Mafia 2, you could die from a car crash, forcing you to be careful while adding a cool, different mechanic. However, based on what I saw of Mafia 3, you could just run head first into another car making it explode while your car seems to be untouched.

  • Add side activities. That was Mafia 2's biggest make. Big open world, not much to do. I hope Mafia 3 adds side quests, more places to visit, more things to do and more people to talk to.
  • I hope they address controversial topics (in a mature way). They don't need to take it to the extreme for us to understand heavy things were going on back then, but I don't want them to run away from the setting's reality.
  • Joe Barbaro. I want to see him in the game. It could be in a flashback, or just bringing his name up. I want someone to recognize he existed.
  • Hope the Playboy magazines are back. Call me a pervert, but I thought it was pretty fun to hunt for dirty magazines in Mafia 2


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    1. How about no you lil shit

  2. I heard it said that depending on how you play Mafia 3 will in essence determine what happens to Joe.

    1. Mmmm...Not sure it'll happen, but it sounds interesting for sure

  3. Replies
    1. Are you being fucking serious right now

  4. I know I can't buy it if it has playboys and I really want it

    1. Dafuq is your problem, why the fuck not

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