Mad Max PS4 Game Trailer: The Good, The Bad and Story

Now that the Mad Max game is finally coming out (September 1, 2015), a lot of trailers have surfaced. After watching most of them, I decided what I thought of the game so far. Again, remember my judgement is purely based on the trailers and gameplay that has been shown so far. Meaning that my opinions could change for the better, or the worse once the game comes out: With that being said, let's talk about Mad Max.

The Good
- Car combat looks extremely fun
- Graphics look pretty good
- I haven't explored a setting like this since 2011's 'Rage'
- 'Choose Your Path' approach
- Crazy Characters

The Bad
- Movement look stiff , an issue games like The Witcher 3 also suffered
- The fact that it takes place in a big desert means that the game could easily feel empty or not have a focused story.

- Have a ton of side quests, activities and interactions with the world
- Have an interesting, focused story that doesn't lose its pace or meaning

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