Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown Song Review

I like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I really do. They're an interesting team, and while their first album "The Heist" was far from perfect, it showed that they can make good music and adress important subjects. I won't lie, I was extremely upset when they beat Kendrick for that infamous grammy. I feel like the hate these guys are getting (more specifically Mack) is due to the fact that he got accepted in the mainstream with open arms, and all fans of hip hop were left standing like: Mack's great, but you're not going to give any love to these other great rappers? Point is, they didn't do anything to deserve the hate, so I don't really dislike them. Anyways, we finally got the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis single and here's what I thought:

The Good
-Simple, yet enjoyable beat
- Fun song. Not everything has to be serious
- Macklemore sounds great spitting fun, laid out verses
- Eric Nally kills the hook

The Bad
- Feels like a Thrift Shop remake with an Uptown Funk vibe
- Hook and verses/beat feel like they belong to different songs

Score: 3/5

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