Jeff Hardy Must Return to WWE

Jeff Hardy is one of my favorite superstars in WWE's history. If you think about it, Jeff never got the recognition he deserved. His erratic behavior and drug use stopped him from being the face of the company. But that was a long time ago. Jeff Hardy must return for a last WWE run, and here's why:

Up until a couple of years, I couldn't explain what exactly made me idolize him so much. He wasn't a big guy, he had a really weird fashion style and he didn't have the best mic or ring skills. Looking back at it, I think Jeff Hardy got over because of his big heart and his humongous balls.

He had a big heart, and he was a humble guy with a unique motto: the fans' happiness over my health. He appreciated the support he was getting and wanted every single fan to leave a WWE event thinking it was the greatest night of their lives, even if it meant putting his body on the line.

He also had the balls to do some of the craziest, most nerve-racking spots I've ever seen. Seriously, looking at some of the spots the guy did still gives me goosebumps. To this day, I still don't know how Hardy can walk properly after going through so many ladders and tables.

Back to the subject, I truly believe Jeff will return to WWE. While I’d like to think he’ll do it with Matt and bring the Hardy Boyz back to life, he might go for a last singles run. But it will definitely happen. Even though he was first fired in 2003 because of his addictions, that wasn't the case when he left almost six years ago (August, 2009). Jeff was not healthy, and needed some time to heal his injuries, including a neck injury, two herniated discs in his lower back and a severe case of the Restless legs syndrome.

Eventually, he joined TNA. Up there, he got a better schedule and more money. To be honest, Jeff probably made the right decision. He still wasn’t a definite OG, so WWE probably would have had him working many dates. In TNA, he was the face of the company and made tons of money while traveling less. However, I believe this is the perfect time for Jeff to jump ships, and return to WWE.

The Dudley Boyz are back! The crowd in Brooklyn went insane, and people are cheering them like they had never left. I see them getting the tag titles in the future, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. If Jeff did the same and came back, millions of fans would start watching the product again. Imagine the nostalgia: The Dudley Boyz and Jeff Hardy are back with the WWE! It would bring ratings up, and people would be beyond happy. Add to that the fact that TNA and Destination America are not doing so good, and the answer is clear: JEFF HARDY MUST RETURN TO WWE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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