Cesaro Deserves Big Push

Over the past couple of weeks, we as fans have spoken loud and clear: we like Cesaro. Big pops, a bunch of signs and overall respect for the guy show it. He was a good heel, but he has proven to be an even better baby face. The point of this entire article is to show you why Cesaro should get a big push. I'm talking WWE World Heavyweight Championship push.

Ever since Cesaro made his WWE debut (April 27, 2012), we could sense raw potential. What's not to like? A hard working, super strong man (have you seen his workouts!?) with amazing wrestling skills and a unique moveset. Still, he never really got a ''push''. All he accomplished was a title run with the United States Championship and the ''Andre the Giant memorial battle royal'' trophy. Not that bad, but he could do better.

After that, things were relatively quiet. He didn't have a big buzz, and he was hardly seen on television. That's until January 2015, when he started an alliance with Tyson Kidd. I have no clue what clicked, but fans fell in love with them. They had no big entrance, theme, mic time or attire. They just went out and wrestled their asses off, which eventually got them the Tag Team Championships.

Sadly, it didn't last long. They ended up dropping the belts, and just couple of weeks after they did, Tyson suffered an almost fatal neck/spinal injury that basically took him out for the rest of the year (at least). Cesaro was left without his teammate, and without a direction. Luckily, Cesaro did what he does best: wrestle like a champ every single week. And surely, it has clicked once again: we adore him. Which brings us to this weird position, one that has Cesaro on the verge of stardom.

Now, Mr. Mcmahon made his feelings clear on the Stone Cold Podcast: He likes Cesaro and knows he's a great wrestler, but he believes the Swiss superman can't connect with the fans because he lacks charisma. I agree with Vince, to an extent. Up until 2015, Cesaro didn't really show he could connect with the fans, and he had no real personality. Keywords: Up Until. Cesaro finally got on the microphone, and he's showing charisma and personality. Don't believe me? Watch RAW! Fans are finally getting to know him as a person, and they're loving him.

Funny thing is, WWE knows this. He's being promoted and booked like a top baby face, and the crowds are reacting positively. Will Cesaro get a big push? I don't know. He definitely deserves it. We deserve it as well. We need a people's champ. Cena can't get the job done anymore, Bryan is out for God knows how long, and Ambrose lost some of the momentum he had earlier in the year. However, it's our job to finish the job. Cesaro's doing his part, and booking seems to be considering a push. It is up to us to show the support, and demand a push. We did it with Bryan, we can do it with Cesaro.

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