B.o.B - Psycadelik Thoughtz Album Review

I have a weird history with B.o.B. I really became a fan of him back in the day, when his first two record came out. It was different. His music was hip-hop with influences from other genres, but it still felt super hip-hop. I believed from the bottom of my heart he was going to be the next big thing. And for a while he was. I stopped paying attention when his last album 'Underground Luxury' dropped. While it was a good record musically, it felt like a normal mainstream album without the B.o.B touch. When he dropped this album without promotion (Beyonce style), I wasn't sure if I was going to give it a listen. But I decided to do it. Here it is:

1. Psycadelik Thoughtz
Good song. Feels like the B.o.B I like. First thing I noticed when playing this song is the production. Soft, chill and melodic. B.o.B also does a great job with the hook and the verse. Wasn't the biggest fan of the "Can you help me elevate" chants, but once he started spitting over that beat everything was fine. Dope intro

2. Violence (feat. Jon Bellion)
This is why I like B.o.B. He's one of the only rappers in the game right now who would jump on a beat like this one. For the most part, it's just a guitar riff. It worked though. B.o.B sounds so good on the beat while spitting some braggadocious rap. Let's talk Jon Bellion. Big fan of him. He kills the hook, and I'm pretty sure he had something to do with the beat change at the end of the song. His new album is 90% done, so stay on the lookout for that. Anyways, really good song. Short and sweet.

3. Confucius (feat. Soaky Siren)
I really like the beat. It's groovy and soulful while also being modern and kind of poppy. Hook was also ok. What keeps this song from being great? All the auto-tune. This song would have sounded great with a normal verse. The auto-tune ruined the song for me.

4. Back and Forth
Again with the auto-tune haha. However, it's used in a more enjoyable way in this song. This one's the commercial, soft song. And it's okay. Nothing bad, nothing great. Beat is good, but the song drags a bit. Still, nothing terrible.

5. Plain Jane
I appreciate the message and what B.o.B was trying to say, but the song didn't resonate. It sounds average and didn't really catch my attention. Again, I appreciate what he tried to do. It just didn't work for me.

6. Houseglass
This is not really hip-hop. It's a pop song. A good one though (for the most part). Beat is nothing crazy but it's still pretty good. Vocals are also decent, excluding the auto-tune. The fact that it's less than 4 minutes made it better. Enjoyable pop song.

7. Violet Vibrato
Again, not a hip hop song. But this one's much better. It's less of a pop song, and more of a sweet ballad. B.o.B has a great voice. I don't know why he would ever use auto-tune. Really like the first half of the song. Wish it would have been kept as a ballad instead of switching up to a rock influenced song at the end. Still, love the first half of the song.

8. UP
We're back to hip-hop, and this song is okay. Feels like a song from Underground Luxury, which means: musically good, but boring and not original. Production is okay. B.o.B doesn't really say anything important or duper dope. Average track. I actually like the second half of the song but the first half is meeehhh.

9. Joburg
Another one! Hip-Hop with a big pop feel. Not mad at this one. It's a good song. Beat is simplistic but chill, with some nice piano. B.o.B comes through with some nice flows and rhymes. Hook is alright. Chill song.

10. Love Life (feat. Sevyn Streeter)
Like the beat. Just a dope guitar riff that switches to some soft piano. Sevyn Streeter kills the hook, with some beautiful vocals. B.o.B also brings nice flows and a couple of clever lines. Nice song.

11. Have Nots
Best song in the album. Easily. B.o.B doing what he does best. Spitting and singing (without auto-tune) over beautiful production. The piano is great, and it feels like an intimate track. Stellar track, dope outro.

Verdict: Psycadelik Thoughtz starts and ends with stellar songs. In the middle, we get a bunch of average track that don't live up to B.o.B's talent. I appreciate that the album is short and that it separates itself from Underground Luxury. This album is original and different. However, different doesn't always mean good. And for the most, this album is just not that good. While it is an improvement over his last album, it is far from his best effort.

Favorite Songs
-Have Nots
-Psycadelik Thoughtz
-Violence (feat. Jon Bellion)

Least Favorite Songs
-Plain Jane

Score: 3.5/5

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