Why is Hulk Hogan getting the Benoit Treatment?

Just a day ago, Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE. It all happened so fast. News broke and next thing you know, Hogan's out, And I don't mean just from Tough Enough. His merchandise is gone, videos as well and he's no longer in the Hall of Fame page. Basically, Hulk Hogan has been erased from wwe.com, and I'm extremely upset by this.

So what happened? A phone conversation leaked, in which Hulk Hogan made racist comments. He used the n-word a couple of times, and he even called himself a racist. While some sources claim the conversation came from a sextape, other outlets say it was a phone call. Bottom line is, Hulk Hogan said the n-word a couple of times.

Now don't get me wrong. You should not make those racist comments using those words, specially if you're always in the spotlight. He should've thought about his reputation and brand before opening his mouth. His comments are horrible and I'm glad he got fired. However I have a couple of problems with it being used against Hulk.

First one: It was 8 years ago. As I said before, it doesn't make it right by any stretch of the imagination but it was 8 YEARS AGO. People change, and multiple black men have come out admitting Hulk was never racist to them. To me, a sincere apology would've done the trick. Don't see how deleting his existence makes it any better. Also, if Hulk was fired for saying the n-word why is it ok when Vince Mcmahon says it:

Second problem: Why delete Hulk's existence? You want to fire him? Whatever, it's not my company. But why take away his merchandise, videos or his Hall of Fame award? I hate when companies do this. I still get mad every time WWE ignores the existence of Chris Benoit. I'm not defending Benoit or Hogan. They did bad things. But in my opinion, it's not ok to completely ignore all the other things these guys did for the business based on one mistake, regardless of how big it was.

Conclusion: I get that WWE has sponsors and they want to keep the company ''clean and happy''. That's the reason they're doing this: To avoid bad press. That's the reason why (for the most part) I agree with WWE firing Hogan. What I'm not ok is with everything this man did for the business being ignored and hidden. Hated when they did it with Benoit, hate that they're doing it with Hogan.

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