''Until September'' by Mark Battles REVIEW

Like most of his fanbase, I found Mark Battles when he followed me on Twitter. I expected a mediocre rapper, with bad beats and an even worse mic. I expected disaster. Instead, I was blown away when I realized Mark was a great rapper. With dope lyrics and amazing beats, he was better than a lot of the rappers on the major labels. I went back and checked his catalogue and I became a fan. Fast forward some years, mixtapes and tours, and Mark Battles is growing bigger every day. Still, major sites like XXL ignore his buzz, which is something that gets me mad every single day. When I heard about his EP ''Until September'', I just wanted some more Mark Battles. I'm happy to report that that Until September is another Mark Battles project, meaning that it's great.

1. Remember 
Dope intro. While the beat was good  (I specially liked the vocals on the background), the star of the show is Mark. He spits his ass off, talking about his rise, D. Rose and other rappers, Tyga and Kylie and others.  Really enjoyable intro

2. Be You feat. Curren$y
Was happy to see that Mark could get Curren$y on a track. This one is a soulfoul melody about being yourself. I loved the beat, and the song has a great message. Good verses by both guys, even tho I wasn't a big fan of Curren$y delivery. Great track overall

3. My Life (Remix)
Thing with this track is, I loved how Mark carried it. Dope verses, nice hook and flows. He did his job. Sadly, I wasn't a big fan of the instrumental. It wasn't anything too special and I didn't enjoy the vocals of the lady orgasming all over the track. Still, didn't hate it.

4. Head Right
This that DOPE SHIT! In love with the instrumental. Soft piano sequence and drums. Mad props to J. Cuse for producing this one. Mark matches the beat perfectly, spitting deep rhymes. Really enjoyed this one.

5. Knew Enough
This track BANGS. Again, mad props to J. Cuse for this one. Great, simple beat. Mark delivers great verses. One of my favorite tracks on the ep. It even made it to my ''Songs of the Week'' article.

6. Wish I Could Fly feat. Derek Luh & Brittani Jenae
Dope as fuck. Love the beat. Soft, soulful and sweet. Mark spits the dopest verse, but Derek Luh sounds amazing on this type of instrumental. Britanni adds some nice vocals. Great track

7. Tired
Important song. Mark touches on topics like murders, media and union with respect and focusing on hope and positiveness. Beat is good, but it could've been better to match the level of emotion Mark was displaying. Still a great track.

8. Watch Me Work
Mark spits his ass on this one, again. All the verses were great, he sounds extremely hungry. Beat is simple, but it works because it sounds great. Really fucking with this one.

9. J.R. Smith
Great outro. Mark closes the album spitting over an dope beat. The vocals on the beat made the song sound important and epic. Cool way to wrap the album up.

Verdict: Just like Mark said on the intro track, he wasn't supposed to make it here. But he did, thanks to hard work and good music. I'm glad he did. Until September is a great EP. Sweet,short and cohesive, this is an ep you should definitely give a listen to. Thanks to 11 free,good projects, Mark has earned my ultimate sign of respect. The second it becomes available, I will pre-order his album. And so should you. Man is giving us great music. 3's up.

Fav. Songs: Head Right, Remember, Knew Enough
Least Fav. Songs: My Life (Remix)
Overall:      4/5

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