Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games - First Half 2015

2015 has been a great year for PlayStation gamers (so far). While we haven't gotten the big AAA exclusives we were promised, amazing games have come out from both the AAA and indie scene. This my official list of the best PlayStation games I've played this year (so far).

5. Bloodborne

As someone who never touched the dark souls franchise, I was extremely interested in seeing how I would feel about Bloodborne. The result? The hardest game I've played this year, but also the most rewarding one. Bloodborne is an amazing action RPG, one with great gameplay, an immersive setting and incredible boss battles. This is probably the first must play PlayStation 4 exclusive.

4. Dying Light

Dying light is one of those games that came out at the perfect time. As you might recall, January was a slow month for gaming. The result? It was Dying Light's month! While the story could have been better, gameplay was so much fun. Especially the climbing mechanic. Graphically, the game looked great, and the zombies were actually fucking terrifying! All of this makes Dying Light a great new IP. On top of that, this game proved that a AAA game doesn't have to come out in the fall to sell copies.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG with an incredible world, one filled with a crazy amount of content and a pretty good story. While some small issues (like the way it controls)  hold it back from perfection, I still consider this a must-play. CD Project Red did an amazing job with this one.

2. Shovel Knight 

I waited for this one to get to PlayStation consoles and when it finally did, I was not disappointed. Shovel Knight is the reason why I play games. To have fun, go to a different world and to be surprised. This games did all of those things and more. Add to it the fact that you can also play it on the Vita and this is a must buy for sure.

Just like the other Rocksteady Batman games, Arkham Knight is a love letter to all Batman fans. You have to praise just how ambitious this game is. A new original story, amazing graphics, the batmobile, new mechanics, tons of content, etc. While most of it pans out, there are a couple of issues that keep this game from being a masterpiece. Where does this rank in the Rocksteady trilogy? It's probably my least favorite one. Funny thing is, my least favorite batman game is my game of the year so far. This is a must play for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4.

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