Songs Of The Week: June 27th - July 4th

Another week's done, and so, I show you the 5 best songs I heard this week. As always, I'm including the songs I found THIS WEEK, meaning that a song could be several years old but I didn't give it a listen until this week. With that being said, let's go:

5. 100 - The Game feat Drake

While I've not been the biggest fan of The Game's recent singles, I really like this one. A soulful, commercial beat by Johnny Juliano is a great foundation for some good Game verses and an amazing hook/verse by Drake.

4. Jump Out The Face - Meek Mill feat Future

This track is fucking fire. Beat is pretty good and Future comes through with a killer hook, even if I didn't enjoy the verse/singing he did before the hook. Meek fits the beat, and the verses are nothing crazy but I enjoyed them.

3. Mark Battles - Knew Enough

Twitter's rapper Mark Battles just drop a new project, titled ''Until September''. Yes, I will do a review for it. For now, I can tell you I'm really enjoying it. This track is a perfect example. Mark spits dope verses over a dark, atmospheric instrumental. Great stuff.

2. Vince Staples - Norf Norf

This cut, off Vince's debut album Summertime'06, is a banger! The beat is crazy good, with an amazing bassline. Vince spits grimy, dope verses, making for a unique track.

1. Lord Knows - Meek Mill

This song is amazing. The beat goes so hard, with the choir voices building you up until the drums drop. Meek is spitting nasty verses. I'm deeply in love with this song. It's easily my song off the week, if not the month.

Disclaimer: If you're reading this in the future, some of the YouTube links might be broken. I still recommend you to go and check the songs out. I'M GIVING YOU GREAT MUSIC!

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