REVIEW: "Dreams Worth More Than Money" by Meek Mill

I remember back in 2012, when Meek Mill's debut album came out. I specifically remember hearing the intro track "Dreams and Nightmares" with my mouth wide open, it was just so good. While the album as a whole wasn't as great as I thought it would be, it had some of my favorite songs that year. Now, Meek's sophomore album "Dreams Worth More Than Money" is finally out. I wanted an album of the year contender, and that's just what I got.

1. Lord Knows
My God, this man knows how to make intros. This song is amazing. The beat goes so hard, with the choir voices building you up until the drums drop. Meek is spitting nasty verses. I'm deeply in love with this song.

2. Classic feat Swizz Beats
This track is the truth. The beat is so raw and the piano feels timeless. Meek has some pretty cool verses. Plus, it's short and sweet. Expect people to be playing this one in 10 years.

3. Jump Out The Face feat Future
I like this track. Beat is pretty good and Future comes through with a killer hook, even if I didn't enjoy the verse/singing he did before the hook. Meek fits the beat, and the verses are nothing crazy but I enjoyed them.

4. All Eyes On You feat Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj
Chill track. Beat was smooth and Chris Brown gave some great vocals. Loved the back and forth between Meek and Nicki. While some people might say this one's corny, I thought it worked fine.

5. The Trillest
To be honest, I didn't enjoy the beat on this one and while it got better when it switched up, this song just didn't do it for me instrumentally. What saves this song? Meek motherfucker Mill. He spits real shit all over this track. Even though I wish the beat was better, you can't be too mad when the rapper is spitting his ass out.

6. R.I.C.O. feat Drake
I was disappointed with this one. While the beat is great and both Drake and Meek have some pretty clever lines, I was expecting something more epic. It's still a good track though, just not what I expected.

7. I Got The Juice
Dope shit. Beat is so atmospheric and dark. Meek Has some great verses. Nothing else to say. This track bangs.

8. Ambitionz 
Good track. Love the 2Pac reference. Thought I would like it more but pacing felt off. It's still solid as hell.

9. Pullin Up feat The Weeknd
Chillest song of the month. I'm still waiting for a song in which The Weeknd doesn't come through. He kills the vocals and fits the beat perfectly. Meek wraps it up with great verses.

10. Check
This song is hella catchy. Not in love with it though. The beat wasn't anything great and while Meek does good, it just didn't satisfy me.

11. Been That feat Rick Ross
This is more like it. Both Meek and Ross kill it, on a beat that BANGS. I love when these guys are on the same track, it's usually a good sign.

12. Bad For You feat Nicki Minaj
I expected something super corny. I got a great track. Nicki kills the hook, and Meek delivers some nice verses. All over a nice, smooth beat. 

13. Stand Up
Awesome track. Great, soulful beat. Meek spits some nice stuff. Only gripe I have is the auto tune in the hook. Other than that, love this one.

13. Cold Hearted
Amazing way to finish the album. Simple, but soulful beat. And Meek spits deep, inspirational verses. Nice interlude by Diddy. Great Outro.

Verdict: Dreams Worth More Than Money is Meek Mills' best album to date. It blows Dreams and Nightmares out of the water in every single aspect. Great beats, nice lyrics, short and cohesive, this album is one of my favorite projects of 2015 so far.

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