Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper Album Review

I am a Lil Dicky supporter. What can I say? I like his approach. Whether you enjoy his music or not, you can't deny he's doing things differently. I appreciate that. My only "problem" with LD has always been that if he doesn't chose the right beat or voice tone, his songs can be hit or miss (white dude). This doesn't happen too often but when it does, I just can't enjoy the song. All I wanted out of Professional Rapper was proof that Lil Dicky is what he says he is. A professional rapper. Well guess what? That's exactly he gave me.

1. Meet the Burds (Interlude)
Too short to review

2. Professional Rapper (feat. Snoop Dogg)
This is exactly what I love about Dicky. He can make unique songs with an interesting concept. Take this song as an example. Lil Dicky is applying to be a rapper, and he's being interviewed by Snoop Dogg. Beat is good, concept is unique, LD spits his ass off and the song is funny as hell. While Snoop doesn't really shine, that wasn't the point of the song. Dicky is the star of this one. Amazing song.

3. Who Knew
Good track. Dicky kills it, even if it was weird to hear the verse he used with Sway on this beat. That may be the reason why I don't love the song. Felt kinda weird. Beat was pretty good and the hook was okay.

4. Lemme Freak
Heard this track a thousand times already. Still love it. Simple, but dope beat. Dicky kills it while showing he can be a story teller. Hook is actually pretty good. Dope track, even if it feels incomplete without the video.

5. Lemme Freak For Real Tho (Outro)
I should hate this song. It has the elements I usually hate. Slow track full of auto-tune. However, I really like this song. I think it helped that Dicky was using the auto tune in a melodic way. Whatever it was, song is pretty enjoyable.

6. White Crime
Love this song. Again: funny, dope and conceptual. Beat is amazing, Dicky has a super dope flow and hook is great. Loved the concept. Such an awesome song.

7. Molly (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco)
Dicky's right. This might be the softest thing he's ever done. I love it though. Nothing better than an emotional track that's not corny. LD talks about his ex, about how he still loves her but the rap game is his main priority for now. Loved the beat, verses and hook. I can also relate to this song, making it that much better.

8. Bruh...
Good track. Let's get something out of the way. Dicky went crazy on this one. Punchlines and flows are all over the place. In a good way. The beat is simple and repetitive, but the song wanted to focus on Dicky, nothing else. However, I feel like the song was a bit too long. The beat lost its cypher magic after 3 minutes. I would've kept the song under 3:30, but it's still a raw song.

9. Hannibal Buress (feat. Hannibal Buress)
Funny interlude. Hannibal says some real shit though.

10. $ave Dat Money (feat. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan)
I adore this song. It was my song of the week about a month ago. It's just so good. Clever, hilarious and dope. Dicky kills it, Fetty Wap gives a catchy hook and Rich Homie Quan is actually pretty enjoyable. Hope this song blows up.

11. Oh Well (feat. Jace of Two-9)
Important track. Dicky talks about how social media kinda ruins our lives. Beat is super chill, both guys have good verses. Nothing to complain about, good song.

12. Personality (feat. T Pain)
Commercial song. Beat is okay and Dicky actually comes through with the verses. I really don't like the hook though. Nothing on this album is corny, with the exception of the hook in this song. Not too bad though.

13. Pillow Talking (feat. Brain)
I've never heard a song like this. Ever. This song is super unique, but it's still awesome. It's just Dicky having a conversation with the girl he just banged. Don't want to spoil this track. Really should give this one a chance. Dope and it actually made me laugh out loud. Also: Brain is awesome! He better drop a mixtape soon.

14. Parental Advisory (Interlude)
These Interludes are hella funny. I already love Dicky's parents

15. Classic Male Pregame
Dope song. Super relatable. Dicky basically describes most male's Friday nights. I specially loved the beat. Atmospheric and bouncy. Dicky has good verses and hook is pretty funny.

16. The Antagonist
I think this is my favorite song of the album. Ever since I became a Dickhead (fan of Lil Dicky), I was waiting for this song. Just Dicky spitting his ass off, putting the haters in their place, over a dope ass beat. I love this song so much.

17. The Antagonist II
Not a big fan of this one. It might be because it came after what might be the best song of the album, but it felt too slow. While I appreciate what Dicky is saying, it's not emotional enough to justify the slow pace and the lackluster beat. Also, I really didn't like the ''GO CRAZY'' hook.

18. Parents Still Don't Understand (Interlude)
Last interlude. Again, I'm in love with LD's parents.

19. Work (Paid for That?)
Banger. Beat is really bouncy and dope. Love that even Dicky's surprised to get paid for rapping. Great verses and flows. Really enjoy this song.

20. Truman
Lil Dicky is a smart man. He understands one of the things that make a great album: a dope intro and a dope outro. I love this outro. Dicky tells us his story, from quiting his job, to wanting to become a rapper and actually making it. Beat is soft and soulful. I really love the end of the song, where Dicky gets emotional and basically yells the hook. Special stuff. We then get a 4 min spoken outro by Dicky, which as you might've guessed is pretty funny. Amazing outro.

Verdict: Professional Rapper is a great album. This album is really focused and clever, mature but also funny. Mad props to Lil Dicky. He has also become a more mature, focused and dope rapper. I know he'll read this so: Thank you. I appreciate what you're doing. Welcome to the rap game, Lil Dicky!

Favorite Songs

-The Antagonist
-Professional Rapper
-$ave Dat Money
-Pillow Talking

Least Favorite Songs

-The Antagonist II

Score: 4/5

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  2. Thanks for your comments on this matter! Your review is truly great! I am not his supporter or fan, but I would say that Lil Dicky become a more mature, focused and dope rapper.

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