Review: Pound Syndrome - Hopsin

My history with Hopsin: I was really into him back when Raw came out, but I completely fell off when Knock Madness was released. Album was full of romantic/heartbreak songs that didn't interest me. Once he announced this new album I was optimistic and when I heard the singles I was officially excited. Well, Pound Syndrom is Hopsin's best album, but it's not a perfect album at all.

1.The Pound (Intro)
Okay intro. Kinda hate when intros are not great. I truly believe that an album must have a solid intro and outro. Beat didn't do anything for me but the verse was fine. Not the best way to start the album.

2. Forever Ill
This is more like it. Production is pretty nice, bouncy and I really Hopsin on this one. He was spittin. My only issue with the song comes with the hook. While I like the first half of the hook, not a fan of Hopsin singing ''Kill All These Niggas'' Other than that, dope track.

3. No Hope
Good song. Digged the beat and I didn't mind the hook. It actually sounded pretty good. Hopsin talks about how money changes relationships with his family and friends, which I can appreciate.

4. Ramona feat. Jarren Benton
Man this track is funny as fuck. Loved the concept. Hopsin and Benton talk about a crazy stalkers who wants to fuck Hop. Beat was okay but the rappers made the track for me. Hopsin does his thing and Jarren has a pretty funny verse. Wasn't the biggest fan of the hook.

5. Mr. Jones
Really like this track. One of the best beats in the project. Hopsin kills it with dope lyrics and flows, talking about other rappers who hate on him. Hook was okay but overall this is dope as hell.

6. Fort Collins feat. Dizzy Wright
Dope track. All about Hopsin walking out of a show in Fort Collins. Super chill beat. And while Hopsin has good/interesting verses, I particularely enjoyed Dizzy. He fits the beat perfectly, and he has a great verse.

7. No Words - Skit
I usually don't review skits but this was hella dope. The mainstream rappers imitation was funny as fuck. And while I disagree with Hopsin's claim (there's great hip hop out there, you look for it tho) I loved this skit. Original as hell.

8. Crown Me
Awesome song. While the beat is somewhat commercial, Hopsin doesn't sacrifice his lyrics. Basically this track is a banger both beat and lyrical wyse. Hook was pretty good.

9. Ill Mind of Hopsin 7
Deep track. Really feels like you're inside Hopsin's mind. Beat is okay but Hopsin kills it, questioning the existence of God. Whether you agree with him or not, it's an interesting song. Didn't like when he starts yelling at God, felt kinda corny. Still, nothing but good stuff.

10. FV Till I Die feat. SwizZz
While I hated their previous collab (Jungle Bash) I adore this song. Concept was really dope, just talking about how Funk Volume was built from nothing. Beat was great and hook was good. SwizZz has a pretty tight verse. Also, Hopsin's second verse appeared in a Youtube video some years ago and I was glad to finally hear the finished version.

11. My Love
The romantic track. Beat was super poppy and simple but it had a certain groove to it, so to be honest I liked it. Hopsin verses are hit or miss, but I enjoyed them for the most part. Hook was not good at all tho. And yes, this song is corny as a whole. But we all need our corny refill now and then, and this track will do it.

12. No Fucks Given
Didn't like this song. It feels like a bad version of No Hope (track 3 on the album). Beat was whatever and I just wasn't interested in Hopsin on this track. It really did feel like No Hope part 2. Hook was not good. That was a big problem on the album. Hooks have to either sound good or be catchy, and this album has a lot of bad hooks.

13. Fly
Important song. Digged everything about it. Beat was simple and kinda sweet but it was still dope. Hook wasn't bad here but the star of this song is Hopsin. The lyrics are gold. Really dig this track.

14. I Just Can't
I don't know if I didn't like this track because I wasn't all that great or because it was the outro. Wanted something more epic or poetic. Both the intro and outro dissapointed me. Anyways, lyrically this song is great. But the beat was simple and average and the hook was just whatever. Not the greatest outro.

Verdict: Pound Syndrome is Hopsin's best album. Better songs, better production, more focused and cohesive while being diverse. It can be funny, but also deep. All of this is great, but some issues hold it back from being great. Hook are just not good for at least half of the songs. Also, the album went downhill in the last 3-4 track, and intro/outro should have been better. Overall though, it's an improvement over Knock Madness.

Favorite Songs 
- FV Till I Die
- Crown Me
- Fort Collins

Least Fav. Songs: 
- No Fucks Given
                                                      Score: 3.5/5


  1. good review but i personally hated the hell out of this album. i just can't stand hopsin and his corny and silly lyrics. fly is by far the worst thing i listened to this year. good content but like always, he doesn't know how to get deep into the theme and just drops ridiculous lines. that skit was awful too, it was definitely funny but he doesn't even know what makes that type of hip hop work to begin with and hip hop is definitely in good hands. he just doesn't know how to do his research and he's damaging hip hop for being immature. i would rate this 2/5 but considering he's already 29 years old, i rate it 1.5/5. he really needs to grow up. still, i respect your opinion good reviews!

  2. Totally get your point. I've always thought people either see Hopsin as a god or as one of the worst rapper in the last 5 years. I'm in the middle. He can be great, but he can also be pretty corny. What I disagree with is the thing you said about his age. I don't think age should be considered when reviewing a hip hop album. Thanks for your comment tho!

  3. Thanks for the shared opinion, I enjoyed reading your review. Pound Syndrome is the fourth studio album by an American rapper Hopsin, released on the label Funk Volume on 24 July 2015. Nevertheless, I also cannot call it as "the best" one!