RAW REVIEW: Brock Lesnar Breaks Kane's Leg, NXT Divas Debut

This week's Raw was pretty fucking great. It was kinda awesome. WWE applied my favorite philosophy: quality over quantity. Instead of having a bunch of 5 min, average matches, we got matches/segments that were full of action and quality. Battleground should be pretty awesome. My predictions will be going up on Thursday, so stay tuned for that!

The biggest part of the show was definitely the debut of 3 NXT divas. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch all made their long awaited debut. I could not be happier. The Divas division has grown stale, and to be honest I'm done with the lackluster Nikki matches in which she cheats her way to victory. That's called lazy booking. Hopefully they'll book the new girls right. They're all athletic, charismatic and talented. I would let them fight on some one-on-one matches, so people understand that we're dealing with diamonds here. It'd be a mistake to do 3 on 3 tag matches or any other variation that would keep the new girls from truly showcasing their amazing abilities. Still, I'm so happy to see them get their break on the main roster.

The second  biggest moment came out of the contract signing for the Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar match this Sunday at Battleground. At this point we all know that a WWE contract signing is short for small tussle. This one was quite interesting tho. After Rollins and Kane beat Lesnar for a while, Lesnar gave them an ass whooping. Eventually Rollins ran off and Lesnar ''broke'' Kane's leg with the fucking ring step. While it was obviously fake, Lesnar did his thing making it look real. Kane sold it like a motherfucker. Great job. At the end, Rollins came out and insulted Kane. He even kinda curbstomped him on his leg. Pretty cool. My guess is that Rollins will lose his crew by the time Battleground comes, making it a mano a mano between him and Lesnar.

What else? Oh yeah! Amazin triple threat match between Kevin Owens, Cesaro amd Rusev! I'm talking PPV level. They really did amazing. Fun, exciting and intense. That match is why I love wrestling. I really want to talk about Cesaro, because Owens is having classic matches with John Cena and Rusev is in an okay feud with Dolph Ziggler. What's up with Cesaro? I get that he's kinda waiting for Tyson Kidd, but they'll just keep him waiting? This man has been having amazing matches for the past 3 weeks. He needs a push!

We also had a small bit between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt and a New Day match, but nothing else was super amazing. Also, Lana and Ziggler were nowhere to be found. Why? Anyways, closing thoughts: super happy the NXT Divas made their debut, Lesnar and Kane did an amazing job with that ring step spot and that triple threat was amazing. Great Raw!

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