WWE World Heavyweight Championship Hurting Cesaro, Ambrose and Owens

Ever since December 15, 2013, the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight Championship stopped being two separate titles, and they merged into WWE's biggest prize: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It's been almost two years since the World Heavyweight Championship was retired. And while I understand the unification of the titles was necessary at the time, I truly believe nowadays it's only hurting the product.

Now, not everything is bad. Having only one major title certainly has its benefits. Whoever holds it is the absolute champion. He gets an even bigger push in popularity and respect. Also, every title match is more exciting and important, because after all, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the biggest title in WWE. By a big margin.

Like I said, I understand that the unification of the titles was necessary at the time. The roster was not the greatest. Young talent like The Shield or The Wyatt Family were still getting used to the spotlight, and other clear main eventers like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan were being ignored (at the time). So if you think about it, there really wansn't enough competition to justify two titles.

And that's my main problem with having only one big belt in 2015. The roster is crazy good right now. Talent developed, new people showed up and we ended up with a bunch of main eventers. Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt are just some of the guys I think could have some pretty awesome title runs.

Some of them will never get the chance. With only one big title, there's no room for trying out stuff. With two titles, maybe they could give Cesaro the World Heavyweight Championship and see how he does. But with only one title, booking might not have the balls to give it a shot.

Lastly, the unification of the titles basically ruined Smackdown. I don't mean it literally ruined the show, but it definitely took away the ''Smackdown is a must watch'' feeling I used to get. Remember when Raw was about the WWE Championship and Smackdown was about the World heavyweight Championship? I did, and I loved it. It gave us different storylines, matches, characters and it kept the product fresh. Nowadays, the promos and character we saw on Raw are shown on Smackdown, except we have to wait until Raw for the stories to move forward. It makes Smackdown boring and borderline useless.

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  1. Perhaps, you are right when saying that nowadays the unification of the titles only hurts the product. But nevertheless, let get back to this in a short while.