Best Songs Of The Week: July 4th - July 11th

Another week's done, and so, I show you the 5 best songs I heard this week. As always, I'm including the songs I found THIS WEEK, meaning that a song could be several years old but I didn't give it a listen until this week. With that being said, let's go:

5. Too Easy - Futuristic


This guy is a beast. The beat is nice and enjoyable but the star of this song is Futuristic. His flows are insane, he rides the beat and has multiple dope lines. Dope ass song.

4. R.I.C.O. -  Meek Mill feat. Drake

This track makes me feel like the man. The beat hits super hard and both guys murder it. Great commercial song.

3. Fly - Hopsin

Important track. So far I've liked the 2 singles Hopsin has released while we wait for his new album ''Pound Syndrome''. The beat is good, and Hopsin speaks on important subjects like corporations and vices. Real as fuck.

2. Remember - Mark Battles

I'm in love with this track. Beat is dark, atmospheric and epic sounding. Mark matches the beat with dope flows and great lines. He spits his ass off, talking about his rise, D. Rose and other rappers, Tyga and Kylie and others.

1. Kidaf - MeanWhile in Queens

I have no clue how I never heard of this guy until recently. He's mad dope. His voice is really enjoyable and he has crazy lyrics. This is an example. Rhyming over classic beats like they were his. My song of the week.

DisclaimerIf you're reading this in the future, some of the YouTube links might be broken. I still recommend you to go and check the songs out. I'M GIVING YOU GREAT MUSIC!

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