Battles of the Rappers: Drake vs. Meek Mill

I wanted to talk about the recent Drake-Meek Mill beef that's been going on on Twitter. It's been a while since I've seen this type of beef in the mainstream, so let's unpack it.

What happened?

A couple of days ago, Meek Mill went nuts and posted a series of tweets aimed at Nicki's Ex, the industry and yes, Drake. The highlight was Meek accusing Drake of using ghostwriters, meaning that (according to Meek) Drake doesn't write his own verses and he pays other rappers to write verses for him.

After all the drama, Drake hasn't replied. His Twitter has been silent, and he has mostly avoided the subject. On the other side, Meek kept twitting about the industry and other rappers. Eventually he got into an argument with a Councillor from Toronto, after the politician said Meek was no longer welcomed in Toronto.

Who Fucked up?

Both guys. The one that fucked up the most is Meek. Easily. First off, why snitch on Twitter? I mean, you could just let Drake be. Or if it upsets you that much go talk to TMZ or some shit and have them snitch. I just feel that Meek doing it made him look bitter. He took a big L for taking the beef to Twitter.

Drake, Drake, Drake.... Don't know how I feel about him on this situation. To be honest, I was upset with people saying: ''Who cares if Drake doesn't write his raps! Pop stars and other rappers do it as well!'' I fucking care. Pop is a different genre, and its stars are known to use ghostwriters so that's not really a valid point. And with the other rappers argument, Dre, Snoop or The Game are all laid back rappers, making fun music. It's not the biggest offense if they don't write their stuff.

Drake is a different artist. He's known for being personal and emotional, and fans really connect to him through his music. You feel like you know Drake after listening to one of his albums. If the ghostwriters accusations were true, how could I listen to songs like ''Too Much'', ''The Ride'' or ''You & The 6'' without feeling cheated or lied to? I do admire the fact that he stayed off the drama and didn't reply with Tweets.

Diss Tracks

Drake had 2 songs. The first one ''Charged up'' wasn't really all that great. While the beat was awesome, Drake didn't really come through. That changed with the second track ''Back to Back''. Quick song, nothing but punchlines and lines directed at meek. Bars like ''You're getting bodied by a singing nigga'' were impressive.

Meek messed up even more here. He just waited too long. He was screwed before the song came out. He was never going to live up to the hype. But to be honest, his song ''Wanna Know'' wasn't all that good. He tried to make a song. He was supposed to make a diss. It should've been shorter and to the point. Lyrics were ok but they could've been more original.

Winner: Drake

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