Will Apple Music destroy Spotify and Tidal?

Following the announcement of Apple Music (Apple’s new streaming service) , friends began asking me if Apple Music meant the end of Spotify and Tidal. Originally I said no, as Spotify has a strong fan base. They raised $526 million in their latest funding campaign. Tidal’s case is more complicated. I’ll discuss why the service failed in the near future. For now, I can say that with fewer than 1 million subscribers, Tidal is for the most part done. Apple will get their numbers within 6 months. So we’re left with Apple and Spotify for the control of the music streaming industry.

Spotify has a great head start. They recently celebrated 20 million paid subscribers. And most of them will stick with the service. At least until Apple reveals their secret weapon. Exclusives. Drake’s and Kanye’s new albums are rumored to be exclusive to Apple Music. That’s sure to attract subscribers. Another aspect to consider, is the fact that Apple Music will introduce the music streaming business to a lot of people. My mother doesn’t know anything about Spotify or music streaming, but once Apple starts promoting it on her IPad she’ll probably give it a shot. My conclusion: Spotify is safe for a year or two, but they will have to evolve if they don’t lose the crown to Apple’s new service.

What do you think about Spotify’s future? Will Apple Music change the service? Let me know on Twitter!

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