Top 5 PlayStation Games at E3 2015

Finally! E3 has started and so far everything has been amazing! Sony delivered a great press conference with so many awesome looking games on their way. From new IP, to the revival of beloved games, this E3 did not disappoint. With that said, I present you the top 5 PlayStation games at E3 2015.

5.  Uncharted 4

While this is probably the best looking game I’ve seen in my entire life, it doesn’t rank higher just because some of the other game reveals were super surprising. Still, Uncharted 4 looks absolutely stunning. Faces, animations, gameplay, physics…everything looks amazing. And the new chunk of gameplay we got was pretty damn good. Great job, Naughty Dog!

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Everyone knew Guerilla was working on a PlayStation 4 game. We just didn’t know if it was a Morpheus game or an RPG with dinosaurs. Luckily, it’s the latter one. Horizon looks weird. On the best way possible. You play as a girl on a post-apocalyptic world fighting robotic dinosaur. Never thought I'd say that one. The game also looks gorgeous, and intense. While we don’t know much else, this game looks really promising.

3. Shenmue 3

This is where dead games star coming back to life. I couldn’t believe my ears when that Shenmue music came up. Everyone went bananas, and the atmosphere was incredible. Videos already came out with people crying when the title shows up. When they revealed the $2 million they wanted on KickStarter I knew they were going to reach it. But even I was impressed by the game being funded in 9 HOURS! Couldn’t be more excited for this one.

2. The Last Guardian

One of the only predictions I got right (check the other ones here), The Last Guardian was finally re-revealed. About fucking time. How many years did we wait for this? Doesn’t really matter. It’s finally here, and it looks freaking awesome. While graphic didn’t look sharp for a PS4 game, The Last Guardian is still one of the most unique games I’ve seen in the last 10 years. I was surprised by the game not coming out this year,but we’re finally getting it! Game will be great!

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake

I think we all remember the reaction Square Enix got when they gave us the troll of the century by announcing the Final Fantasy VII remake was just a port of the PC version. However, they finally did right to the franchise and the fans. While we only got a teaser, that’s all we needed. Game looked beautiful. This one will be a must buy, and it was the most exciting game at the Sony press conference.

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