Stoney Point - Demrick & DJ Hoppa REVIEW

I first heard about this album when one of its singles, Nobody’s safe, came out. To be honest, I was impressed. Before the song, I had never heard of Demrick. After the song, I wanted to hear the album. His lyrics were dope, and his flow and voice were quite nice. I’m familiar with DJ Hoppa. While I’ve heard countless of great beats made by him, I still think he hasn’t reach his full potential. But then again, I’ve never heard a full project by him. I was excited to see what the album brought the table,

1. Eyes Red:  I was completely blown away by this track. Based on the title, I was expecting a high paced weed anthem. They went in a different direction with this one. A better one. Demrick spits some great verses over a smooth, beautiful Hoppa beat. I love it when an album starts with a great intro. One of the best tracks.   5/5

2. Always Into Something: The album kept my attention with this one. Great job on the beat. Almost broke my neck because of the heavy head banging this beat had me doing. Demrick also does his thing on this one. Nothing to complain about. Loving these beats so far. 4.5/5

3. Nobody’s Safe: Let’s get something out of the way. I adore this beat. It screams 90’s. Demrick destroys it. I thought his verse was the nicest one. Jarren Benton shows up with an enjoyable verse. Madchild is also featured and he spits the nastiest verse on the album. Great stuff. Only issue I have with the track is Swizzz. While he did his thing, he didn’t sound as good on the beat as the other guys, and I liked the Swizzz-less version better (I still love you Swizz) . Great track overall. 4.5/5

4. Don’t Pass Me By: At this point, I’m fairly impressed with the project. Demrick spit some deep stuff, and the beat is great even if I didn’t like the way the song started. However, the star of this one is Emilio Rojas. He spits an amazing verse, and he was born for this type of production. Good track. 4/5

5. Stoner Nation: First thing I noticed is how dark the beat was. And while I usually love dark, atmospheric beats, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one. Demrick spits as usual, but I felt like the hook just kept repeating. Good song, but not as enjoyable as the rest. 3.5/5

6. Find A Way: Back to the excellent beats. This beat is so atmospheric. I also really enjoyed the vocals that appear throughout the track. Demrick kills it. Especially on the second verse. Definitely one of my favorite verses in the album. 4.5/5

7. Keep One Rolled: Damn, these beats are seriously good and different. While not a fan of the hook, the verses delivered. Demrick does a great job, and Chris Webby comes through with a fun verse. 4/5

8. Stoney Point High: This is the perfect summer track. I can see myself playing this while on the beach. Demrick delivers over and over, he adapts to every beat and he manages to do his thing every time. Hoppa killed the beat. 4/5

9. Caught Up: The Bassline on this song is simply amazing. Feels really old school. Gavlyn had such a chill verse.  Demrick was also nice.  Hook is pretty sweet, with great vocals on the background. Some real Hip Hop here. 4/5

10. Clouds Above Us: Dizzy Wright had the best verse on this track. Not taking anything away from Demrick, he also killed it. The beat was good, and overall it was a good finish to the album. 4/5

Verdict: Stoney Point is a great listen, and an even better album. Came in expecting dull songs about loving weed, and I got so much more. The chemistry between Demrick and Hoppa was off the charts. Great minds think alike, and that’s the case in this album. Demrick delivers great verses and Hoppa proves me wrong by having stellar beats all throughout the project. The album is short, cohesive and amazing, making it one my favorite albums this year. 

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By: Sebastian Alvarez

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