Songs of the Week: June 20th - June 27th

Another week's done, and so, I show you the 5 best songs I heard this week. As always, I'm including the songs I found THIS WEEK, meaning that a song could be several years old but I didn't give it a listen until this week. With that being said, let's go:

5. The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

A new Weeknd project is on its way. We don't know if it'll be an album or a mixtape but something is definitely being made. Songs like this make my beg for this project. His voice sounds like Michael Jackson on this one. Catchy, chill and atmospheric, this song is great.

4. Derek Luh - Lonely Road

I've been sleeping on Derek Luh for too long. His music is nice, he has a good ear for beats and he's a good looking man. Meaning that he should go big eventually. You should hop in before he blows up. This song is mad nice. Love the beat and Derek has a deep message. Good stuff.

3. Fort Minor - Welcome

Fort Minor is one of the reasons I got into rap. The first record, The Rising Tied, came out almost 10 years ago. I fell in love with it. It was different, varied and dope. My heart jumped out of my chest when I heard about this new song. Luckily, it didn't disappoint. Fort Minor is back with a great, inspirational song that gets me ready for a new album.

2. Vince Staples - Senorita


Friends begged me to listen to this song for weeks, but I didn't want to do it until his album came out. Now that SummerTime'06 is out (should review it?), I finally gave it a listen. What a banger! Future has a great hook, Vince murders the verses and this beat hasn't taken a shower in weeks, because it's nasty as hell. This is the jam.

1. King Los feat. Mark Battles - King


If you read my review of Los' new album God, Money, War you'll know that I really enjoy his album. War is the intro track and one of my favorite intros in 2015. The bars in this tracks drives me crazy! So good! King Los gives one of the best, deepest verses in the album and the beat compliments him so well, making War my song of the week.

Disclaimer: If you're reading this in the future, some of the YouTube links might be broken. I still recommend you to go and check the songs out. I'M GIVING YOU GREAT MUSIC!

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