Shovel Knight Review

Shovel Knight is an old game. Even if it came out on PS4, PS3 and Vita just a couple of months ago, anyone who's played it would tell you that this is not a game we'd expect to come out in 2015. The way Shovel Knight looks, plays and feels screams 90's. Good thing 90's games are some of the best games ever made.

As you might expect, Shovel Knight looks just like an NES game. This is great, as it made me feel nostalgic. NES games are so pretty and colorful, and Shovel Knight doesn't disappoint. Stages are full of smart, beautiful looking designs. From castles, to cemeteries and the ocean, Shovel Knight's stages feel different and unique.

Something that surprised me is just how much Shovel Knight inspires itself from old, classic games. Mario 3's map, MegaMan's bosses design, Zelda 2's village and DuckTales' down attack mechanic are just some of the ones I noticed. This is a great thing, as it takes great parts from the games while avoiding the dated, confusing ones. Don't get it twisted though, this is not a mix of different old games. Shovel Knight also introduces its own mechanics and designs, making the game feel unique.

As the great Colin Moriarty once said, gameplay is king. This is usually a rule I always keep in my mind when reviewing games, and Shovel Knight is a gameplay masterpiece. Mechanics work great and the interactions you have with the world are superb. It's amazing how I feel more immersed in a game like Shovel Knight, than in the big, amazing looking AAA games. Buying armor and shovels, getting new magic items, and finding music sheets is all fun. And that's the thing, games are supposed to be fun. And I loved every second I spent with Shovel Knight.

Verdict: Shovel Knight is the reason why I play games. To have fun, go to a different world and to be surprised. This game did all of those things and more. It made me feel nostalgic. I miss games like this one. And while Shovel Knight inspires itself from the old classic, it manages to stay original and unique. This is a must play for sure. 

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