Kevin Owens is Key to WWE's Future

As someone who makes a living out of watching/writing about wrestling, I'm ashamed to admit that I don't watch NXT. Don't get me wrong, I love the product and every time I see it I'm impressed. Some of the wrestlers/gimmicks we have on NXT are way better than those in the main roster. However, I just don't have the time to watch it. That's why, while I knew some stuff, I had never seen a full Kevin Owens match. That changed a couple of months ago, at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

I was completely blown away. With great mic skills, agility you wouldn't expect out of someone with his size, and the wrestling ability of a veteran (which he is), he has quickly become my favorite wrestler in the roster. He's a one of a kind superstar. We're past the "you have to be muscular to make it" stereotype, and superstars like Owens prove that you don't have to look like a Ken doll to be loved by wrestling fans.

Luckily, the booking has (for the most part) respected Owens' talent. They make him look like a badass every single week and the matches he's had with John Cena have been stellar. I'm talking Wrestlemania level. Matches that remind us that wrestling is supposed to be more than silly stories and predictable matches.

His feud will Cena will soon come to an end, and Owens has many paths to choose from. I can picture amazing matches with the likes of Seth Rollins or Brock Lesnar. The point I'm trying to make is that Kevin Owens needs to keep fighting the "top guys". That's what he deserves and that's what's best for business (no pun intended). He has a bright future because of his interesting style and character. Plus, he'll always be over with the hardcore fan base because of his amazing skills.

Fight Owens Fight!

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