Is the XXL Freshman Class 2015 the worst one to date?

Every year, the popular hip-hop magazine releases a list with some of the best/hottest up and coming rappers. I’ve always loved these lists because they give the artists a big push.  I admit they’ve helped me find some of my now favorite rappers (Logic, Danny Brown, Jarren Benton). On top of that, XXL hosts cyphers for all the freshmen, and they’re usually dope. A couple of days ago, XXL released the freshman class for 2015 that includes:

After reading the list, for the most part, I’m disappointed. Fundamentally I have three problems with the list. First off, if you heard each artist you probably realized something. Most of them are the commercial swag rappers.  I have no problem with swag rap, it is a part of hip-hop. Anyone who just 100% ignores this type of hip-hop is essentially missing great songs, and the understanding of hip-hop as a culture. But when 80% off your list makes the same type of songs, the list becomes stale, and it doesn’t make me interested to find out more about each artist.

Secondly, with all due respect, I feel that at least half of the list could’ve been replaced with rappers who deserved it more. Now this is my personal opinion, but I think that Mick Jenkins, Bishop Nehru, Astro, Rae Sremmurd, Earl Sweatshirt and Quest all had great years and probably should’ve been on the cover.  

Lastly, WHERE ARE WE GETTING THE BARS FROM? In the entire list, there are less than 4 guys that I know can go hard on a cypher. Vince, Goldlink, Raury and maybe Tink. And maybe some of the other guys are going to pull a Lil-b and completely destroy the cypher. But some of the cyphers will definitely be lack luster, if not boring.

What did you think of the list? Is this the worst one so far? Am I onto something or am I just a whinny bitch?  Hit me up on Twitter and let me know.

By: Sebastian Alvarez

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