Is PlayStation VR already dead?

VR may be the future of gaming. While it makes me want to throw up everytime I try it, I love the idea. We're not playing games anymore. We're living them. However, I'm afraid to say that Project Morpheus might be the next Playstation Move. Sony skipped multiple confereces in the last  Why giving it such an insignificant amount of time on stage? Is Project Morpheus the new PlayStation Move?

Let’s get something out of the way. I like Project Morpheus. While I doubt it being the absolute future of gaming, it’s definitely mind blowing technology. Yes, Morpheus already has some problems before it’s even out: a high price, the requirement of the PlayStation 4 to experience it and the possible lack of support. Morpheus will definitely be an expensive purchase. I’m expecting somewhere in between $200-400 dollars. That means by the time it launches, if you do not already own a PS4, you’ll be spending up to $700 dollars to have the Morpheus. That’s an incredibly high amount. High enough for a lot of people to simply buy the PS4 and leave Morpheus on the shelf.

As I said before, Sony gave Project Morpheus less than 3 minutes on stage. That’s a bad way to introduce a new product to the family. And yes, they can still talk about it at PSX but it may be too late. E3 puts you in the spotlight as it’s viewed by millions. My prediction was Sony giving it at least 15 minutes. That’s far from what it actually got. Add to it the lack of a real exclusive or a must buy game, and Morpheus didn’t make an impact at E3.

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