Is PlayStation 4's Exclusives Fall Lineup Weak?

Ever since E3 wrapped up, I got to look back and really pay attention to the amount of promising PlayStation 4 games that got announced. While this is great, many people believe Sony's fall lineup is looking mighty dry, especially in comparison to Microsoft's. Even as a PlayStation fanboy, I have to admit it: Sony doesn't not have a good lineup for this fall.

The fact is, Sony has amazing exclusives on the way. Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn are some the ones that came to mind. The problem? They're all coming out in 2016. Microsoft should definitely sell the most consoles this holiday with big AAA exclusives like Halo 5 or Rise of The Tomb Raider. It could definitely give Microsoft the big momentum switch they've been looking for.

Now, what is Sony offering us this fall? So far, we know that The Tomorrow Children is coming out.... what else? Some of their big exclusive are coming out this summer. And while I'm okay with games like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture coming out in August, I can't help but feel that Until Dawn would've been a great AAA exclusive for the fall.

As I stated earlier, Sony's fall lineup is mediocre at best. Which means that Sony will depend on third party games like Fallout 4, COD: Black Ops 3 or MGS V: The Phantom Pain. On paper this sounds great because let's be honest, you could play Fallout 4 for dozens of months. But when Microsoft has such strong exclusives, you can't help but worry about the PS4 losing pace, sales and momentum until its great exclusive games start coming out in 2016.

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